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Logos and Visual Assets

The following visual assets are for use representing Gordon's brand. It is important to follow the guidelines for each type of asset and never stretch, distort or otherwise customize brand elements. 

Gordon’s design style

Classy but casual appearance built on clean, structured and well-spaced layouts softened through intentionally placed curves, waves or rounded corners. 

Thick headlines (Gotham Black or Amster Black) in sentence-case feel bold and friendly. Pair with thin lines, icons and supporting text (Gotham Book or Light).

Vibrant photography featuring our people and our place—ideally showcasing collaboration and community.

Navy is our anchor, but cyan is our shine. While dark blue is our institutional color, cyan plays a large role in our admissions and undergraduate personality and serves as an ‘action color’ on interactive pieces. The additional brand colors are intended to be used as accents rather than dominent colors.



Primary Marketing Logo

The logo features the A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel as a campus landmark and symbol of our Christian faith, indicates our coastal New England location and nods to the hope and potential our graduates bring to the world. The Gordon College logo should be treated as artwork and the space between the shield and wordmark should never be manually adjusted.

Below are logo files available for download. PNG files are intended for digital uses and EPS files are for high quality printing. 

centered in blue-gold

Centered in blue-gold
 Download .png ➔
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centered in white-gold

Centered in white-gold
 Download .png ➔
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Left-aligned blue-gold

Left-aligned in blue-gold
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Left-aligned blue

Left-aligned in blue
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Left-aligned white-gold

Left-aligned in white-gold-
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Left-aligned white

Left-aligned in white
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Horizontal Blue-Gold

Horizontal in blue-gold
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Horizontal White-Gold

Horizontal in white-gold-
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Learn to Thrive gradient

Learn to thrive - gradient
Download .png ➔

Learn to Thrive blue and gold

Learn to thrive - gold
Download .png ➔

Learn to Thrive white

Learn to thrive - white
Download .png ➔


This version is used in a few instances in which the final size is too small, such as in small digital applications. 

Wordmark centered in white

Centered in white
for use on dark backgrounds only
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Wordmark left-aligned white

Left-aligned in white
for use on dark backgrounds only
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Institutional Seal

The institutional seal is a formal symbol that represents Gordon's heritage, quality and values. If you need assistance or additional variations on the logo not presented here, please contact the

General Guidelines

Clear zone / Clear space

The Gordon College logo should always be situated in a clear, readable location.
When used in either state (wordmark or lockup with graphic) it should be allowed at least .25 inch of clear space on all sides.

Logo Size Restrictions

The Gordon College logo can be scaled down to one (1) inch in width in both the seal and wordmark versions if necessary. Such a small size should only be used with proper printing to ensure readability. If such a small size is not absolutely necessary, a minimum size of 1.25 inches is suggested.

Logo Color

Only use the Gordon logo in the colors provided. There are subtle size differences between the blue and white versions of the logo to optically adjust for "irradiation phenomenon," where white shapes appear thicker to the eye than dark shapes. For this reason, never swap the color of the blue logo to white or vice-versa. Use the intended color from the start.

Logo Color on Photography

The Gordon College logo can be used over a photographic background, but only if it is clear and readable. When using the logo over an image, the single-color versions work best, particularly the white. The clear presentation of the Gordon College logo is essential to maintaining professionalism and readability.


Primary colors

Gordon Blue  |  100-69-7-30  |  #014983  |  PMS 294C
Scottie Cyan  |  100-0-0-0  |  #00AEEF  |  Process Cyan

Secondary colors

Snow Day
15% Cyan
Nautical Red
Barrington Gold
PMS 130C
Sea Spray
Night Marsh

Sub-Brand Colors

PMS: 5395C
WEB: #081F2C
RGB: 0-39-76
La Vida
PMS: 356C
WEB: #006D22
RGB: 0-133-63

The Gordon College color palette is made up of a primary blue that can be accompanied by color(s) from a secondary palette. Download the full color palette ➔

We have also compiled a collection of on-brand t-shirt colors for when groups on campus order t-shirts from a vendor. Here is our t-shirt color guide which shows the approved color choices for a few different brands of shirts.



Gotham  |  Gordon College in Wenham, MA.

Gordon’s primary font is a strong and clear san-serif that works in a wide variety of contexts.


Amster  |  Gordon College in Wenham, MA.

A serif font that compliments Gotham with some added personality and flair to build off Gordon’s clean and modern aesthetic. Intended for use on headlines, callouts and accents.


Gordon strives to accurately represent our community through photo and video. To that end, we avoid stock images of students and instead work hard to capture our own campus and community through photo and video. When choosing photos, we look for authentic moments that illustrate collaboration and community. Gordon's photographic style is warm and vibrant, but not overly saturated.

Public-use photo catalog
Full internal photo catalog 
("Portfolio" app, log in required)
Video B-Roll

When are approvals needed?

  • All written communications going off campus and seen by more than 50 people must be proofed by editorial services.
  • Materials with the Gordon logo produced by a third party organization must receive approval from College Creative. This includes electronic as well as printed copy.
  • Any use of the logo not explicitly allowed in these guidelines must be approved by .
  • To produce materials with outside vendors and not through College Creative, you must receive prior approval from the Office of College Communications and Marketing.


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