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The Balkans Semester

For the study of War and Peace

The Balkans Semester for the Study of War and Peace is an interdisciplinary, humanities-based program centered around the themes of war and peace, conflict and reconciliation.

The program will provide students a unique opportunity to study these themes while learning first-hand from people on both sides of recent wars and genocides who are grappling with problems of justice and forgiveness and with navigating a path toward sustainable peace.

Our Vision


Balkans coastline and students learning

Live at an ancient crossroads where cultures, empires and religions collide. Despite its centuries-long history of conflict, the Balkans remains a collection of strikingly beautiful locales—from cosmopolitan cities like Zagreb, Belgrade and Sarajevo to the beauty of coastal towns and rustic country villages.

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The Balkans Semester curriculum is designed to reflect an interdisciplinary approach to the study of religious, political and cultural conflict. We explore questions such as: What is the essence of peace? How can a society recovering from war hope to establish lasting peace? What is a Christian response to war? And how might we formulate a distinctively Christian understanding of reconciliation?

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The Balkans Semester offers internships to students in various fields and with a broad range of organizations. Most commonly, students work for NGOs focusing on reconciliation and peace building, government watchdogs, environmental agencies, women’s rights organizations and culture promoting organizations.

Internship Opportunities