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How do humans learn to speak? How does language influence the way we think and interact with one another? Why are there so many languages in the world, and how are these different languages structured? These are some of the questions that you will explore as a linguistics major. You will discover the amazing human creativity that is involved in language—a creativity that manifests itself in things such as poetry, literature and our ability to communicate.

Why study linguistics at Gordon?

Gordon is one of just a few Christian liberal arts colleges to offer a linguistics major. Here, you will dig deep into the scientific study of language—but you will also have the opportunity to think alongside your peers and professors about the implications of the reality that God’s revelation has been transmitted to us through human language and culture. Given our location in Greater Boston, you can attend events and lectures at larger universities, while experiencing the benefits of studying at a smaller liberal arts college.

What careers can I pursue with a major in linguistics?

The study of linguistics hones skills such as critical thinking, analytical reasoning and the ability to understand nuances in language—all valuable for a wide variety of careers, including

  • Bible translator (e.g. Wycliffe)
  • ESL teacher
  • Interpreter
  • Written translator
  • Journalist
  • Language learning software developer
  • Publisher, editor

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Go the extra mile!

If you discover a topic during your first few years of study that you would like to explore in greater depth, an honors thesis during your junior or senior year would be the perfect opportunity to pursue your research interests. You might share your research with your peers and professors at Gordon and beyond by presenting at the Literature and Linguistics Undergraduate Colloquium held each spring on Gordon’s campus. 

Global Opportunities

Gordon’s Languages and Linguistics Department has a special partnership with the University of Auckland (New Zealand), where you can take linguistics courses that fulfill requirements for the Gordon linguistics major. You may also consider these study abroad opportunities:


For more information, contact:

Dr. Graeme Bird
Linguistics Program Director
P 978 867 4352

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