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Core Curriculum

As a Christian liberal arts college, Gordon is dedicated to preparing you for a lifelong journey of Christian faithfulness. The Core Curriculum exists to help us carry out this mission. Taken over your four years at Gordon, the Core Curriculum will ensure that your educational and transformational journey is not one-dimensional, but characterized by both depth and breadth. You will achieve depth by digging deeply into your major area of study, and breadth by exploring a wide range of academic disciplines through the Core Curriculum. The Learning Outcomes for the Core Curriculum were developed to align with these objectives and guide the teaching and learning process.

Common Core

Developing a Christian perspective on life and learning

The Common Core introduces you to topics and questions that are valuable in developing a Christian worldview. And it ensures that all students, regardless of their majors, will share a common educational experience. This collective experience plays a central role in fostering a vibrant community of learning and marks one of Gordon’s defining characteristics.

Common Core Requirements

  • First-Year Seminar: The Great Conversation–Foundations in Thinking, Reading, and Writing (2-4)
  • Biblical Studies and Theology (12):
    • Old Testament History, Literature, and Culture (4)
    • New Testament History, Literature, and Culture (4)
    • Christian Theology (4)
  • The Scientific Enterprise (4)
  • Historical Perspectives (4)
  • La Vida/Discovery

Explorational Core

Exploring the breadth of the liberal arts and sciences

The Explorational Core gives you the opportunity to explore the arts and sciences. You will take at least one course in each of the four main fields of inquiry—fine arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. In doing so, you will become acquainted with a diverse range of content and some of the varied scholarly methods for pursuing knowledge.

Explorational Core Requirements

  • Humanities (8–12): 
    • Philosophy (4)
    • Languages and Literature (4–8)
  • Social Sciences (4)
  • Fine Arts (4)
  • Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Science (4)

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