Tuition, Fees, and Refund Policy


  tuition per credit total tuition per course
Courses taken for credit
$440 per credit $1,760 per 4-credit course
Courses audited
(taken for enrichment)
Alumni may audit one course for $10 $500 per 4-credit course
$250 per 2-credit course

Science and art courses may also require a lab or activity fee ($140 for most courses; $72 for NSM 202)

The refund policy reflects the highly concentrated schedule of summer courses.

  • 100% if withdawal is received by May 15 (May 8 for online courses)
  • 80% if withdrawal is received the first day of the course (for online courses, the day before start of course)
  • 50% if withdrawal is received the second calendar day following start of course.
  • No refund is available if withdrawal is on or after the third calendar day following the start of course.