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“Why ‘Made In China’ Is a Bigger Deal Than We Think”

... In absolute size—that is, in the real value of goods and services produced—the Chinese
economy is now nearly three-quarters the size of the US economy. ...
www.gordon.edu/article.cfm?iArticleID=1180&iReferrerPageID=22... - 17k

FEATURE | The East-West Connection

... scale maintain a stable society? How will the rise of the Chinese economy
shake up world relations? And most poignantly, how do ...
www.gordon.edu/article.cfm?iArticleID=404&iReferrerPageID=167... - 31k

[PDF] Envy in the Market Economy: Sin, Fairness, and Spontaneous (Dis) ...

... Essays 7 Forero, J. Galbraith, JK Inequality and instability: A study of the world
economy just before the great crisis ... Zhang, X., & Y. Sang. Chinese lives. ...
www.gordon.edu/ace/pdf/2013%20Fall%20-%20Ballor.pdf - 2015-09-22

[PDF] Free People: A Christian Response to Global Economics

... example of successful engagement with the global economy, following the lead of
the “four tigers” in the late 1970s. India followed the Chinese example in ...
www.gordon.edu/ace/pdf/F06F&E4748BR7Abadeer.pdf - 2006-11-14

[PDF] Gordon College

... Chinese Economist Society (CES) 2014 North America Conference ... at University of
California, Davis Analysis of Economic Data Economic History Economy of East ...
www.gordon.edu/download/facstaff/CV_Hao.pdf - 2018-02-15

[PDF] Featuring Public History

... year’s students and topics are: ■ Emily Brunell: Community and Economy on the ... Suttmeier,
Allison Kuhns, and Nash discover a 19th century Chinese tea set ...
www.gordon.edu/download.cfm?file=%5Cdownload%5Cgalleries%5CHI%20N... - 2007-12-12


Page 1. C OLLEGE G ORDON Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2005–2006 Page 2. Art Durity
www.gordon.edu/download.cfm?id=55 - 2006-10-02

Deepening Educational Ties with China | The Bell

... China Seminar, a three-week trip to study the nation’s economy and history ... College
has also seen incredible growth in the number of Chinese students enrolled ...
stories.gordon.edu/deepening-educational-ties-with-china/ - 33k

Gordon Athletics - Reflections from China

... this issue and gain a better understanding of the country’s economy. ... Lectures by
Chinese professors, economists, and business leaders opened my eyes to see ...
athletics.gordon.edu/news/2011/5/9/219.aspx?path=fhockey - 36k - 2018-03-08

Presidential Perspectives: Changing Winds in China | The Bell

... The economy has not changed enough to explain the sudden decline. ... the start of a
new era and it’s hard to argue that an age of increased Chinese influence in ...
stories.gordon.edu/.../ - 41k