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Jennifer West - Gordon College

... Her academic training is in Rhetoric and Composition, and her interests, broadly
speaking, are about how language has the power to shape reality. ...
www.gordon.edu/jenniferwest/ - 12k

Professional Development Courses - Gordon College

... SPRING 2018. ART620 Photography (3) In this course, we will consider basic
concepts of composition, exposure, and shooting technique. ...
www.gordon.edu/graduate/contentcourses - 41k

Summer Courses - Gordon College

... 2017. ART620 Photography (3) Introduces fundamentals of cameras, lighting,
composition, basics of processing and printing... read ...
www.gordon.edu/graduate/summer - 33k


... Elemental Composition of Metallic Samples through Characterization and Simulation
of Plasma Emission Lines from Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. ...
www.gordon.edu/download.cfm?file=%5Cdownload%5Cgalleries%5C2014%2... - 2015-02-26

Oregon Extension - Gordon College

... communications. In addition, each student receives three semester hours
for English/Communications 399: Composition and Rhetoric. ...
www.gordon.edu/page.cfm?iPageID=764&iCategoryID=59&Global... - 65k

English Courses - Gordon College

Courses for the department of English language and literature including
fiction, drama, poetry, classicism and romanticism, etc.
www.gordon.edu/english/courses - 26k

Kinesiology Faculty - Gordon College

... and validity in the measurement of bioenergetics, movement disorders such as focal
task specific dystonia (in musicians), body composition assessment techniques ...
www.gordon.edu/kinesiology/faculty - 20k

Art and Education Faculty - Gordon College

... Secondary Education. Both a composition and English education specialist,
Dr. Flint-Ferguson began teaching at Gordon in 1990. Her ...
www.gordon.edu/arteducation/faculty - 37k

Creative Writing Courses and Requirements - Gordon College

Course requirements for the Creative Writing concentration.
www.gordon.edu/creativewriting/courses - 27k

Music BA Courses - Gordon College

Course requirements and descriptions for the bachelor of arts in music program.
www.gordon.edu/music/ba/courses - 18k

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