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College Expedition Faqs - Gordon College

... Is the program safe? Safety is very important to us. ... We recommend that people who
have a history of knee or back problems choose a canoe trip. ...
www.gordon.edu/college/questions - 23k

Sign up for La Vida Expeditions - Gordon College

... your Medical History Questionnaire to Admissions The Admissions Office should receive
your medical forms 3 weeks prior to your La Vida Expedition. Tell us your ...
www.gordon.edu/lavida/college/apply - 19k

Summer Term Course Detail - Gordon College

... explore the works of Nobel novelists, poets, and dramatists as we grapple together
with what unites and divides us as human ... HIS 115 American History Survey. ...
www.gordon.edu/summercourses/detail - 84k

English Faculty - Gordon College

... Professor Logemann's research and teaching focus broadly on literary history and
the long twentieth century in British literature, with particular emphases on ...
www.gordon.edu/english/faculty - 26k

Gordon College, one of the top Christian colleges in America & New ...

... the heart of our experience—to stretch the mind, deepen the faith and elevate the
contribution that Gordon students and graduates make to the world around us ...
www.gordon.edu/giving/programs - 33k

Language Courses - Gordon College

... FRE360 French History, Culture, and Civilization (4) Surveys geography, history,
fine arts, religious makeup, economics and demographics of France. ...
www.gordon.edu/languages/courses - 32k

Old Testament Courses and Requirements - Gordon College

... BCM 310 - New Testament Theology; BCM 311 - Hebrew I; BCM 312 - Hebrew II; BCM 313 -
History of Israel; ... Apply to Gordon. Visit Campus. Connect with us. ...
www.gordon.edu/oldtestamentstudies/courses - 39k

Spanish Courses & Requirements - Gordon College

... Spain (4 credits). One or two of the following: SPN 360 - Spanish History, Culture
and Civilization; SPN 370 - Survey of Spanish Peninsular Literature; ...
www.gordon.edu/spanish/courses - 28k

Place in Orvieto - Gordon College

... The composite vestiges of Etruscan, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance habitation
create a setting rich and strange with the layers of history. ...
www.gordon.edu/orvieto/place - 43k

Faculty IN Orvieto - Gordon College

... ORVIETO FACULTY Courses are taught by members of the literature, history, writing,
and arts faculty at Gordon College and other Christian liberal arts colleges ...
www.gordon.edu/orvieto/faculty - 35k

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