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Sharon Carlson Returns in New Admissions Role | The Bell

... My interest was in spiritual formation, and the MA allowed me to focus
my projects and papers in the area of student development. ...
stories.gordon.edu/.../sharon-carlson-returns-in-new-admissions-role/ - 35k

3-2 Students Graduate Again | The Bell

... Chris says that at Gordon, opportunities for social events and spiritual formation
were easy to find, but at USC, connecting required more effort. ...
stories.gordon.edu/3-2-students-graduate-again/ - 30k

The Bell | News and stories from Gordon College | Page 12

... in the world I could work, it would be at Gordon College, and if there was anything
I could do, it would have to do with spiritual formation,” she says. ...
stories.gordon.edu/page/12/ - 59k

Uncategorized | The Bell | Page 2

stories.gordon.edu/category/uncategorized/page/2/ - 47k

Featured | The Bell | Page 5

stories.gordon.edu/category/featured/page/5/ - 50k

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