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... Institute for Public History Launched Public history is history that is
seen, heard, read, and interpreted by a popular audience. ...
www.gordon.edu/article.cfm?iArticleID=552&iReferrerPageID=167... - 18k

History Department Newsletter - Gordon College

... Newsletter | Spring 2008 (PDF). Read the spring edition of the history department
newsletter Featuring: Public History Inside you will find: ...
www.gordon.edu/academics/history/newsletter - 36k

History Grad Profiles - Gordon College

... Jeff Barraclough, Class of 2003 After completing an honors thesis and concentration
in Public History, Jeff graduated from Gordon with a degree in History. ...
www.gordon.edu/page.cfm?iPageID=1531&iCategoryID=86&Histo... - 27k


... Program in Museum Studies and Public History: We are in the process of adding a
new program in Museum Studies and Public History, taught by Professor David ...
www.gordon.edu/download.cfm?file=%5Cdownload%5Cgalleries%5CHI%20N... - 2006-12-18

A Gordon Dictionary - Gordon College

... Institute for Public History use • The Gordon College Institute for Public History
intercollegiate. internet. lowercase (as verb, noun). J. ...
www.gordon.edu/styleguide/dictionary - 31k

David Goss - Gordon College

... About: Teaching Fields: Museum Studies, Public History, Early American
Maritime and Intellectual. Research Fields: Museum Studies ...
www.gordon.edu/davidgoss/ - 12k

[PDF] 2012 Meeting of the Conference on Faith and History Gordon College ...

... “Providence and Public History: A Response to Christological History from a
Public Historian” Susan Fletcher, Historian, The Navigators ...
www.gordon.edu/download/pages/2012%20Conference%20Schedule%20-%20... - 2012-09-26

Academics Facts - Gordon College

... for Faith and Inquiry; Institute for Public History; Christians in the Visual
Arts; Gordon College News Service; The Hermann Lectures ...
www.gordon.edu/profile/academics - 24k

Presidential Fellows: 2017–18 - Gordon College

... Katie Willeman, a senior from New Hampshire, is pursuing a double major in biblical
studies and history with a concentration in public history and museum ...
www.gordon.edu/presidentialfellows/bios - 38k

Graduate Education Faculty - Gordon College

... e: David.Goss@gordon.edu. BA Gordon College MA Tufts University. Teaching Fields:
Museum Studies, Public History, Early American Maritime and Intellectual. ...
www.gordon.edu/graduate/faculty - 67k

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