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[PDF] Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries Honoring Roger J. Green

... year at the College. Dr. Green has taught a wide range of theology courses
as well as New Testament. His signature senior seminars ...
www.gordon.edu/download.cfm?file=%5Cdownload%5Cgalleries%5CBible%... - 2015-09-28

Greece Seminar - Gordon College

... We will focus on ancient history, culture, and landscape; New Testament backgrounds
and historical culture; modern orthodox, secular, and Protestant cultures ...
www.gordon.edu/page.cfm?iPageID=828&iCategoryID=59&Global... - 19k

Inspiration | Dr. Elaine Phillips

... for what can be happening in the realm of prayer--spiritual "exercise." I'm prodded
by a line from Richard Hays' The Moral Vision of the New Testament--". . ...
www.gordon.edu/article.cfm?iArticleID=350&iReferrerPageID=167... - 19k

ARTICLE | The Easter Surprise

... six of these boxes have some of the names of Jesus' family members and close associates,
the box with Jesus' name is likely the Jesus from the New Testament. ...
www.gordon.edu/article.cfm?iArticleID=408&iReferrerPageID=167... - 19k

Summer Term Course Detail - Gordon College

... DOCX). BCM 103 New Testament History, Literature, and Theology. Credits: 4. ... Core
Credit: Common Core New Testament. Course Description: Examines ...
www.gordon.edu/summercourses/detail - 83k

Marvin Wilson - Gordon College

... For a number of years, Marv worked as an Old Testament translator and editor
of the New International Version of the Bible. Marv ...
www.gordon.edu/marvinwilson/ - 14k

Gordon College, one of the top Christian colleges in America & New ...

... Gordon stands apart from other outstanding institutions in New England by combining
an exceptional education with an informed Christian faith. ...
www.gordon.edu/giving/programs - 33k

Sharon Ketcham - Gordon College

... practices essential for a maturing faith among teenagers and adults. Sharon
lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two children. ...
www.gordon.edu/sharonketcham/ - 13k

Amy Brown Hughes - Gordon College

... essays from a symposium on Methodius of Olympus at Friedrich Schiller University
Jena, Germany, Methodius of Olympus: State of the Art and New Perspectives (De ...
www.gordon.edu/amybrownhughes/ - 15k

What Will I Take My First Semester? - Gordon College

... Students will also take several core courses over the first two semesters: HIS 121 -
Historical Perspectives; BCM 101 - Old Testament; BCM 103 - New Testament; ...
www.gordon.edu/firstyear/core - 17k

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