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Measuring Social Reality: A Joint Effort | The Bell

... the study, which involved 27 participants from first-year psychology classes, as
well as students from Dr. Ted Hildebrandt’s Old and New Testament classes. ...
stories.gordon.edu/social-coolness/ - 39k

Gordon College Class of 2017 Commencement | The Bell

... previous awardees. This year’s Junior Distinguished Faculty Award was given
to Daniel Darko, professor of New Testament. Greg Keller ...
stories.gordon.edu/gordon-college-class-of-2017-commencement/ - 33k

Gordon College Celebrated its 123rd Commencement and the Largest ...

... associate professor political science and recipient of the 2015 Junior Distinguished
Faculty Award, and Steven Hunt, professor of New Testament and recipient ...
stories.gordon.edu/.../ - 34k

Hunkering Down and Venturing Out on Snow Days | The Bell

... I would have had Scientific Enterprise at 8 am, New Testament at 11:25 am, Greek
at 3:20 pm, and Intro to Jazz Dance at 7 pm It’s nice because the stuff I ...
stories.gordon.edu/.../hunkering-down-and-venturing-out-on-snow-days/ - 42k

Dr. Marv Wilson Reminds Audience of Jewish Roots | The Bell

... Noting that Christians may skip to the New Testament for helpful scripture, Dr.
Wilson reminded his audience that the concepts behind the Greek words are ...
stories.gordon.edu/.../ - 34k

Gordon College Appoints New CFI Director | The Bell

... Gordon College Appoints New CFI Director. ... Seminary, and a Ph.D. in ancient Middle
Eastern languages and civilizations (Hebrew Bible/Old Testament) at the ...
stories.gordon.edu/gordon-college-appoints-new-cfi-director/ - 33k

Gordon Athletics - Kilgore Leads Scots into New England Event

... Their success this season has been a true testament to how hard they have ... regular
season has led to Kilgore competing in the Division III New England race on ...
athletics.gordon.edu/.../2015/11/13/MXC_1113153807.aspx?path=mcross - 40k - 2017-12-08

12 of the Best Things about Going to Gordon | The Bell

... comedy group, guaranteed to relieve the stress of even your worst Old Testament
exam ... quad you watched movies on is covered in snow, but it’s New England, and ...
stories.gordon.edu/12-of-the-best-things-about-going-to-gordon/ - 34k

Samantha Matthews ’15: Cross-Cultural Art | The Bell

... traveled to Niger with the goal of being a facilitator of new ideas while ... that is
not the case, and senior undergrad Samantha Matthews is a testament to that. ...
stories.gordon.edu/cross-cultural-art/ - 34k

Gordon Athletics - Gordon Men's XC Finishes 3rd Out of 27 at James ...

... Molvar commented “Kirk has taken his running to whole new level this year and he
did ... He is a testament to the consistency, patience and hard work it takes to ...
athletics.gordon.edu/news/2011/5/9/1126.aspx?path=general - 37k - 2017-12-08

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