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Staff Opportunities - Gordon College

... La Vida Interns will work alongside the full-time La Vida staff in several program
areas as well as marketing, research, and office tasks. ...
www.gordon.edu/lavida/staff - 28k

CFI Director - Gordon College

... While still an undergraduate, he co-founded Broker’s Growth in nearby Beverly Farms,
a privately held marketing firm for the brokerage industry. ...
www.gordon.edu/cfi/director - 21k

World-class Speakers - Gordon College

... Kristina Markos (VP of Longview Strategies, Marketing Firm) led a workshop that
gave students the tools to effectively convey the significance of their issue ...
www.gordon.edu/elevate/speakers - 25k

Elevate Team - Gordon College

... care about. As the Director of Elevate, Stephanie spends her year marketing,
recruiting, and planning for the week of Elevate. She ...
www.gordon.edu/elevate/team - 20k

Gordon College editorial style - Gordon College

... The Gordon College style guide applies specifically to College website content and
PR and marketing writing, and does not presume to dictate how professors and ...
www.gordon.edu/styleguide/editorial - 31k

Biochemistry Faculty - Gordon College

... required by regulatory agencies world-wide in order to gain approval for new medicinal
products to either start clinical studies or to be approved for marketing ...
www.gordon.edu/biochemistry/faculty - 25k

Finance Courses - Gordon College

... ECB245 Principles of Management ECB277 Principles of Marketing ECB305 Economic
Development ECB313 Econometrics ECB324 Intermediate Macroeconomics ECB362 Cost ...
www.gordon.edu/finance/courses - 18k

Biotechnology Courses and Requirements - Gordon College

Requirements for the biotechnology concentration in the biology major.
www.gordon.edu/biotechnology/courses - 21k

About the Gallery - Gordon College

... In addition to managing the operations and marketing of the gallery, he oversees
the gallery internship program and artist development workshops and teaches a ...
www.gordon.edu/gallery/about - 19k

Accounting Courses & Requirements - Gordon College

... ECB361 Forensic Accounting ECB362 Cost Accounting. One of the following courses:
ECB245 Principles of Management ECB277 Principles of Marketing. ...
www.gordon.edu/accounting/courses - 18k

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