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Corporate Fitness Concentration - Gordon College

... You’ll develop a foundation in marketing, management and movement science that will
prepare you to run exercise and wellness programs for a range of clients ...
www.gordon.edu/kinesiology/corporatefitness - 20k

Kinesiology Alumni Outcomes - Gordon College

... that not only did a strong background in kinesiology prepare me academically, it
also instilled skills for...problem solving and time management which are ...
www.gordon.edu/kinesiology/alumni - 22k

Gordon College Lookbook

... and by their life example.”. Mark Wambolt ’07. Vice President and Managing
Regional Director, Natixis Global Asset Management. ...
www.gordon.edu/lookbook/ - 17k

Biology Grad Profiles - Gordon College

... His master's thesis resulted in two peer-reviewed publications on fathead minnow
biology. Jeff now works in fisheries management for the Dept. ...
www.gordon.edu/biology/outcomes - 21k

2013 Owen Gingerich - Gordon College

... a core science course for non-scientists, which at the time of his retirement in
2000 was “the longest-running course under the same management” at Harvard ...
www.gordon.edu/herrmannlectures/gingerich - 23k

Contemporary Music Center - Gordon College

... Performance (3). Business Track: Strategic Management (3); Music Business Survey
(3); Advanced Media Marketing (3). Technical Track: Advanced ...
www.gordon.edu/bestsemester/musiccenter - 63k

Finance and Faith March 21 Gathering - Gordon College

... practice. In his spare time, Tom is on the Management Committee for The
New Canaan Society and leads NCS’ Manhattan chapter. Come ...
www.gordon.edu/financefaithforum/march21 - 15k

Communication Arts Courses & Requirements - Gordon College

... Business Track: CMC 340 - Music Business Survey; CMC 345 - Strategic Management;
CMC 377 - Advanced Media Marketing Technical Track: ...
www.gordon.edu/commarts/courses - 28k

International Affairs Faculty - Gordon College

... Kristen Cooper joined the Economics and Business faculty in 2013 after completing
her Ph.D. in Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University. ...
www.gordon.edu/intlaffairs/faculty - 23k

La Vida Contact - Gordon College

... She is certified as a WMA Wilderness First Responder as well as being trained in
Challenge Course management and Advanced Skills and Standards courses at ...
www.gordon.edu/lavida/contact - 31k

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