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Gina Kulig Bradley ’01: Financial Services | The Bell

... She currently is chief operating officer, general counsel, and a principal of The
Colony Group, a Boston-based wealth-management firm, where she provides ...
stories.gordon.edu/gina-kulig-bradley-01-financial-services/ - 31k

Economics and Business Students Take on New York City | The Bell

... up the day with a late lunch with 2014 graduates Sigmund Morriar (finance), whose
first position after Gordon was in sales with a risk management firm, and ...
stories.gordon.edu/.../ - 37k

Gordon Athletics - Senior Spotlight: Sam Johnson

... double-sport duties. When asked how he learned to juggle everything? Time
management. It's honestly that simple. For example, say ...
athletics.gordon.edu/news/2017/4/4/mens-basketball-senior-spotlig... - 50k - 2017-12-08

A Life-Changing Return on Investment | The Bell

... like most in his line of work, is focused on seeing substantial returns on investments
managed by the company he founded, Bridgeway Capital Management. ...
stories.gordon.edu/a-life-changing-return-on-investment/ - 33k

Uncategorized | The Bell | Page 30

... Lisa Edmondson Buettner ’87: Management Consultant. Posted on October 27,
2014 by collegecomm. Leave a Comment. Lisa Buettner helps ...
stories.gordon.edu/category/uncategorized/page/30/ - 49k

Comedy in the City | The Bell

... Now, having spent two summers as an intern with the company—as a “floater intern”
in house management last year—Ryan was an office intern this time ...
stories.gordon.edu/comedy-in-the-city/ - 34k

Gordon Athletics - Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

... Student athlete committee members have the opportunity to speak with their respective
NCAA Management Councils, and the Divisions II and III SAACs continue to ...
athletics.gordon.edu/sports/2011/6/15/SAAC.aspx?path=general - 38k - 2017-12-08

Gordon Athletics - Staff Directory

... Amaya@gordon.edu, Tod Murphy, Head Men's Basketball Coach/Director of Game
Management, Tod.Murphy@gordon.edu, 978.867.4327. Didier Dinh, ...
athletics.gordon.edu/staff.aspx - 101k - 2017-12-08

Dining Hall Gets Makeover and New Name | The Bell

... Its new look and name are part of a larger upgrade of food offerings and facilities
through a partnership with Bon Appétit Management Company, made possible ...
stories.gordon.edu/dining-hall-gets-makeover-and-new-name/ - 38k

March | 2017 | The Bell

... Gordon College will expand the variety and quality of food products served in our
dining facilities through a partnership with Bon Appétit Management Company. ...
stories.gordon.edu/2017/03/ - 44k

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