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National Study on Women in Leadership Press Release - Gordon ...

National study finds evangelical nonprofits lagging in leadership opportunities
for women, but bright spots show possibilities for change. ...
www.gordon.edu/womeninleadership/sept19release - 22k

College Programs - Gordon College

... goal-setting, community, reflective learning, and growing in Christ, and both are
designed to serve as a catalyst for personal growth and leadership development ...
www.gordon.edu/lavida/collegeprograms - 19k

Staff Opportunities - Gordon College

... course elements. Belay training and testing are required (see belay training
times) and staff follow a leadership growth plan. We ...
www.gordon.edu/lavida/staff - 28k

La Vida Leadership Development Day - Gordon College

... Leadership Development Day. ... of Christ. There will be a guest speaker
presenting on one aspect of leadership during lunch. If you ...
www.gordon.edu/adventurepursuits/leadershipdevelopmentday - 18k

Lead by Example - Gordon College

... We offer students extraordinary access to leading-edge opportunities for intellectual,
professional, and leadership development to address the increasingly ...
www.gordon.edu/2020project/servantleaders - 18k

Programs and Events - Gordon College

Programs and Events of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Gordon
College. ... response to social problems. Women in Leadership ...
www.gordon.edu/cel/programs - 20k

Elevate Program Details - Gordon College

... July 15–22, 2018. What is Elevate 2018? Elevate 2018 is an annual leadership
institute for outstanding high school juniors and seniors. ...
www.gordon.edu/elevate/details - 21k

Innovation and Social Enterprise Faculty - Gordon College

... Carter Crockett. Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. Carter ... more ➔.
View Profile. Dan White. Director of Leadership Giving. Dan ...
www.gordon.edu/ise/faculty - 18k

President Lindsay in the Media - Gordon College

... Exposes the Split Between Ordinary and Elite Evangelicals Religion News Service:
Denver Institute for Faith & Work announces new leadership fellowship for full ...
www.gordon.edu/president/media - 29k

Academics Facts - Gordon College

... Learn more about Gordon's faculty ➔. Honors and Leadership Programs. ... Gordon’s honors
and leadership programs emphasize service and personal excellence. ...
www.gordon.edu/profile/academics - 24k

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