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... Her dissertation on church history at Princeton developed into her first book,
Disciples of the Desert--a study of monks and laity in Late Antiquity. ...
www.gordon.edu/article.cfm?iArticleID=416&iReferrerPageID=167... - 18k

David Aiken - Gordon College

... 1990, Dr. Aiken has taught a great variety of courses including Great Ideas: Modernity
and Antiquity, Formal Logic, Knowledge and Truth, Late Modern Philosophy ...
www.gordon.edu/davidaiken - 14k


... Chapter two describes capitalist market society as it emerged late in the ... wealth
and power,” displacing “the property-money economy of antiquity” (p. 30 ...
www.gordon.edu/ace/pdf/Spr05F&E-BlackBR.pdf - 2006-11-14

[PDF] Beggar Thy Neighbor: A History of Usury and Debt illiams v. Walker ...

... but the time period is described as “a long time.” In antiquity, the terms ... Usurers
were encouraged to seek forgiveness late in life and to make restitution ...
www.gordon.edu/ace/pdf/2014%20Fall%20-%20Lunn.pdf - 2014-12-19

Notes On Monastero San Paolo: Reentering The Vestibule of Paradise ...

... with monasteries of obscure identity, old purposes being forsaken, antiquity and
cultural value ... The late eighteenth and early nineteenth ushered in a series of ...
www.gordon.edu/lettersfromeurope/agneshoward - 71k

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