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Classical Studies Courses and Requirements - Gordon College

... The interdisciplinary minor in classical studies requires 20 credits: one full year
of Latin or Greek language plus three additional courses from a selection ...
www.gordon.edu/classicalstudies/courses - 16k

Linguistics Faculty - Gordon College

... 2001. His interests include Greek and Latin language and literature,
Indo-European linguistics, and early English literature. He ...
www.gordon.edu/linguistics/faculty - 18k

Living in the Balkans - Gordon College

... The history of this region dating from Greek and Roman antiquity—evident in the
beautiful classical architecture of cities like Split and Dubrovnik—through ...
www.gordon.edu/balkans/location - 17k

Jewish Studies Faculty - Gordon College

... more ➔. View Profile. Ted Hildebrandt. Professor of Biblical Studies. Ted teaches
Old and New Testament History and Literature as well as first year Greek. ...
www.gordon.edu/jewishstudies/faculty - 28k

Jewish Studies Courses and Requirements - Gordon College

Requirements for the concentration in Jewish studies.
www.gordon.edu/jewishstudies/courses - 23k

Ted Hildebrandt - Gordon College

... About: Ted teaches Old and New Testament History and Literature as well
as first year Greek. He taught for two decades at Grace ...
www.gordon.edu/theodorehildebrandt/ - 14k

BYU-FLATS Exams - Gordon College

... List of languages available for online testing at $50: Albanian, Georgian,
Persian-Farsi. Arabic, Greek, Polish. Armenian, Haitian-Creole, Portuguese-Brazilian. ...
www.gordon.edu/languages/byu-flats - 20k

Ute Possekel - Gordon College

... Studies, History of Christian Thought, Christianity and Culture, Near Eastern
Christianity Selected Publications Evidence of Greek Philosophical Concepts in ...
www.gordon.edu/utepossekel/ - 12k

CFI Director - Gordon College

... England). His 15 research languages include Biblical Greek and Hebrew, Aramaic,
Akkadian, Phoenician, Sumerian, Syriac and Ugaritic. ...
www.gordon.edu/cfi/director - 21k

[PDF] Amy K

... since 2015 LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY English: reading, lecturing, writing French,
German, Latin, and Classical and NT Greek: reading
www.gordon.edu/download/facstaff/Amy%20Hughes.CV.Nov2017.pdf - 2018-01-23

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