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CIEE - French Students - Gordon College

Learn more about Gordon College's approved program to study French language and
culture, as well as business and political studies in France through CIEE. ...
www.gordon.edu/ciee_french - 70k

Foreign Language Requirement - Gordon College

... Foreign Language Placement Exams for French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean
and Italian are proctored online, and can be taken anytime. ...
www.gordon.edu/foreignlanguage - 21k

Christian College French Major - Gordon College

... During your French studies at Gordon and semester-long study abroad, you will become
proficient in the French language and encounter both past and present ...
www.gordon.edu/academics/french - 21k

Francophone Studies Concentration - Gordon College

... As a result of French and Belgian colonialism that began in the 17th century, the
French language spread to parts of the Americas, Africa and Asia. ...
www.gordon.edu/french/francophone - 20k

French Courses & Requirements - Gordon College

... Students seeking licensure in French or Spanish at the 5-12 grade level must complete
all language and education requirements, including a semester of study ...
www.gordon.edu/french/courses - 18k

Language Courses - Gordon College

... Lower Level (First Year) *FRE101, *102 Beginning French I, II (4, 4) Introduction
to French language and Francophone cultures with practice in four skills ...
www.gordon.edu/languages/courses - 32k

Language Faculty - Gordon College

... She has taught Spanish and French at the middle and high school level ... teams in New
England and internationally, and served as Foreign Language Department Chair ...
www.gordon.edu/languages/faculty - 19k

[PDF] Dept of Languages and Linguistics Fall 2014

... Adrienne received her master’s in French language and literature from Boston College
in 2013, with the intention of eventually becoming a professor of French ...
www.gordon.edu/download.cfm?file=%5Cdownload%5Cgalleries%5CDept%2... - 2014-10-08

Christian College Foreign Languages Program - Gordon College

Read more, including a list of foreign language courses and requirements,
including French, German, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. ...
www.gordon.edu/page.cfm?iPageID=2264&iCategoryID=84&Langu... - 20k

Alpha Mu Gamma Foreign Language Honor Society - Gordon College

... He currently serves as a Spanish TA and a French tutor as well as serving on the ...
there, and this summer he is excited to be interning at a language and culture ...
www.gordon.edu/page.cfm?iPageID=2040&iCategoryID=84&Langu... - 20k

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