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... of Chinese Exports during the 2008-2009 Global Financial Crisis” (under ... Presentations
International Conference on Economics Business and Marketing Management ...
www.gordon.edu/download/facstaff/CV_Hao.pdf - 2018-02-15

Business Administration Faculty - Gordon College

... where he taught international trade, international finance, and financial economics ...
years of business experience in the administration, management, finance and ...
www.gordon.edu/economics/business/faculty - 26k

Summer Term Course Detail - Gordon College

... underlying theory and analytical aspects of accounting as a control device and
management tool; construction and interpretation of basic financial statements. ...
www.gordon.edu/summercourses/detail - 66k

Henry Hao - Gordon College

... exports during the financial crisis in 2008-09. His most recent publication on this
topic appeared in the Journal of Economics, Business, and Management in 2016 ...
www.gordon.edu/henryhao/ - 13k

Contemporary Music Center - Gordon College

... Strategic Management (3); Music Business Survey (3); Advanced Media Marketing (3). ...
can affect your eligibility for institutional, federal and state financial aid ...
www.gordon.edu/bestsemester/musiccenter - 62k

Application Instructions - Gordon College

... Gordon does not require either the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) or ...
Verification of financial support is required for all enrolling international ...
www.gordon.edu/graduate/finance/apply/instructions - 32k

Inspiration | Gaynelle Weiss

... During my time at Gordon, the College has grown in more effective and efficient
management of financial and human resources while maintaining a constant focus ...
www.gordon.edu/article.cfm?iArticleID=1121&iReferrerPageID=16... - 12k

Finance and Faith March 21 Gathering - Gordon College

... Our vision is to see Christians in financial services excel in their vocation and
find ... In his spare time, Tom is on the Management Committee for The New Canaan ...
www.gordon.edu/financefaithforum/march21 - 16k

International Affairs Faculty - Gordon College

... faculty in 2013 after completing her Ph.D. in Applied Economics and Management at
Cornell ... Henry Hao is an expert in economics for financial professionals. ...
www.gordon.edu/intlaffairs/faculty - 22k

International Business Faculty - Gordon College

... He has published in the areas of management development and the integration of
Christianity and ... Henry Hao is an expert in economics for financial professionals ...
www.gordon.edu/internationalbusiness/faculty - 18k

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