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Student Profiles - Gordon College

... to all aspects of leading a school from fundraising, personnel, curriculum, managing
people to strategic planning, marketing, school law, finance and operations ...
www.gordon.edu/graduate/leadership/profiles - 19k

Academic Quality and Transformative Experiences - Gordon College

... Gordon has been ranked among the Best 380 Colleges by Princeton Review and the top
100 best value liberal arts colleges by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. ...
www.gordon.edu/2020project/academicquality - 16k

Gordon Global Internships FAQs - Gordon College

... church ministries (children, youth, local outreach, benevolence, small groups),
communications, editorial, education, finance, healthcare, hospitality, IT ...
www.gordon.edu/globalintern/faq - 22k

Global Academic Programs - Gordon College

... Auckland skyline University of Auckland Linguistics in New Zealand. Hong Kong skyline
Hong Kong Finance Courses & Internships in Hong Kong. campus ...
www.gordon.edu/geo/programs - 34k

Instigation Team - Gordon College

... He is an upcoming Sophomore, currently double majoring in Business
Administration and Finance, with a minor in Communication Arts. ...
www.gordon.edu/cel/team - 24k

Paying Your Bill - Gordon College

Information on billing for Gordon's Graduate Education Program.
www.gordon.edu/graduate/billing - 14k

Accounting Courses & Requirements - Gordon College

... For some students this is a good pairing with majors in business, economics
or finance or of course with majors in other departments. ...
www.gordon.edu/accounting/courses - 16k

Marketing Faculty - Gordon College

... companies and insurance companies. Alice’s analysis expertise spans corporate,
public and structured finance. Throughout her long ...
www.gordon.edu/marketing/faculty - 19k

Gordon Hall - Gordon College

... Gordon Hall. Professor in the Practice of Finance. Send Email. SM, MIT’s
Sloan School of Management (Charles Stark Draper Fellow) BA ...
www.gordon.edu/gordonhall/ - 13k

John Truschel - Gordon College

... Send Email. MBA, University of Pittsburgh (finance concentration) BA, Westminster
College (history and religion) CFA—Chartered Financial Analyst. ...
www.gordon.edu/johntruschel/ - 12k

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