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Theology Courses - Gordon College

Course requirements for the minor in theology at Gordon.
www.gordon.edu/theology/courses - 18k

Public History and Museum Studies Courses - Gordon College

... History of Early Modern and Modern Europe. ...
www.gordon.edu/museumstudies/courses - 27k

JAF291: Course Description - Gordon College

... What has Jerusalem to do with Athens, the Church with the Academy?” Posed by the
early church father Tertullian in his defense of Christianity addressed to ...
www.gordon.edu/jaf291/course - 18k

[PDF] Kaye V. Cook

... in context; hermeneutics; cultural issues in meaning-making in emerging adulthood;
early prosocial behavior ... Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 34, 250-263. ...
www.gordon.edu/.../facstaff/Kaye%20Cook%20CV%2011%20April%202016.pdf - 2016-06-29

Global Honors Institute Team - Gordon College

... Isaiah 24–27 (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2014) and the forthcoming The Eschatological
Banquet in the Hebrew Bible, Early Judaism and Christianity (Peabody, MA ...
www.gordon.edu/globalhonors/team - 20k

Faculty IN Orvieto - Gordon College

... She is the poetry editor of the journal Christianity and Literature. ... indicates—he
is interested in the renewed relevance of moments in early European culture ...
www.gordon.edu/orvieto/faculty - 33k

English Faculty - Gordon College

... Professor Harkaway-Krieger teaches early English literature (medieval and Renaissance)
in the ... and culture, and the intersection of Christianity and aesthetics ...
www.gordon.edu/english/faculty - 25k

Academic Programs - Gordon College

... Youth Ministry BCM215—Foundations for Global Christianity BCM216—Contemporary ... EDUCATION
Required: EDU112—Introduction to Early Childhood Education EDU113 ...
www.gordon.edu/sustainability/academicprograms - 32k

Books and Culture Review - Gordon College

... Koop—who angered the religious right by calling for early sex education ... have a major
impact on the public's perception of evangelical Christianity, and not ...
www.gordon.edu/president/booksculturereview - 26k

2015 | Iceland - Gordon College

... Yet today Christianity has virtually evacuated the land, making it among the most ...
s artists today: keeping alive the traditions of the early settlement, while ...
www.gordon.edu/jaf/iceland - 27k

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