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Early Christianity Minor and Concentration - Gordon College

Early Christianity minor and concentration within the history department at
Gordon College. ... Early Christianity Minor and Concentration. ...
www.gordon.edu/earlychristianstudies - 20k

Amy Brown Hughes - Gordon College

... 2001 MA General History of Christianity, Wheaton College, 2008 Ph.D. Historical
Theology with an emphasis on early Christianity, Wheaton College, 2013. ...
www.gordon.edu/amybrownhughes - 15k

Early Christianity Faculty - Gordon College

... Early Christianity Faculty. ...
www.gordon.edu/earlychristianity/faculty - 16k

Early Christianity Courses and Requirements - Gordon College

... Early Christianity Courses. ... BCM 301, Christian Doctrine (4 credits). BCM 305,
Development of Christian Thought (4 credits). BCM 371, Early Christianity (4 credits ...
www.gordon.edu/earlychristianity/courses - 15k

[PDF] Early Christianity: Opiate of the Privileged?

... Early Christianity: Opiate of the Privileged? Rodney Stark Baylor University ... Did
early Christianity also attract lower class converts? Of course. ...
www.gordon.edu/ace/pdf/F&EF09Stark.pdf - 2011-02-22

Global Christianity Faculty - Gordon College

... Hughes received her Ph.D. in historical theology with an emphasis in early Christianity
from Wheaton College and is the author (with Lynn H. Cohick, Wheaton ...
www.gordon.edu/missions/faculty - 30k

History Courses - Gordon College

... Early Christianity. The concentration (for history majors) and minor (for
non-history majors) in Early Christianity introduces students ...
www.gordon.edu/history/courses - 30k

[PDF] Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries Honoring Roger J. Green

... women who helped fund scholarly enterprise and building projects in fourth- century
Palestine for my book on women in early Christianity (co-written with Lynn ...
www.gordon.edu/download.cfm?file=%5Cdownload%5Cgalleries%5CBible%... - 2015-09-28

Old Testament Courses and Requirements - Gordon College

... BCM 324 - Pastoral Epistles; BCM 330 - Persecution to Empire:Theology, Politics,
and Culture in Early Christianity; BCM 350 - Trinity and Christology. ...
www.gordon.edu/oldtestamentstudies/courses - 38k

Christian College History, Christian History College - Gordon ...

... Led by faculty skilled in ancient and medieval history, early Christianity, museum
studies and American history, you will cover a range of subjects yet have ...
www.gordon.edu/academics/history - 20k

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