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Student Groups for Sustainability - Gordon College

... Earth Week. ACS also participates in the design and implementation of
Gordon’s green chemistry curriculum. Members participate ...
www.gordon.edu/sustainability/studentgroups - 18k

Current Kinesiology Students - Gordon College

... Physics: Kinesiology students interested in rehabilitation engineering and biomechanics
are encouraged to take core design courses offered through the Physics ...
www.gordon.edu/academics/kinesiology/currentstudents - 23k

The Body Broken, Il Corpo Spezzato - Gordon College

... beautiful Duomo. In my opinion this beautiful building has the most harmonious
design of all the cathedrals in northern Italy. I ...
www.gordon.edu/lettersfromeurope/herman - 33k

Vittoria Colonna In Orvieto - Gordon College

... a small marble tablet in the Convent of San Paolo where she repeatedly sought
refuge.”[6] It is not clear whether Tordi ever realized his design to erect a ...
www.gordon.edu/lettersfromeurope/dimauro - 24k

Katy Van Kirk - Gordon College

... 7 2009. Design and Synthesis of a G-Coupled Protein Receptor Antagonist Library
of Aryloxyalkanolamines Using a Polymer-Supported Acyclic Acetal Linker”. ...
www.gordon.edu/katyvankirk/ - 16k

2014–2015 Exhibitions - Gordon College

... to the visual recognition of the art object: the paint on the surface, the formal
qualities such as composition, scale, materiality, design, pattern, and of ...
www.gordon.edu/gallery/2014exhibits - 23k

Past Presidential Fellows 2013-2014 - Gordon College

... Despite a heavy academic schedule, John still does design work for his father’s
church, King of Grace Church in Haverhill, where he also attends and plays on ...
www.gordon.edu/presidentialfellows/13-14 - 27k

Past Presidential Fellows 2012-2013 - Gordon College

... marketing company. She also has served as the design and style editor of
the Tartan, Gordon’s student newspaper. After graduating ...
www.gordon.edu/presidentialfellows/12-13 - 22k

Student Profiles - Gordon College

... enjoys that the flexibility of her role at Gordon allows her to combine a little
bit of everything she loves about teaching, management, research, and design. ...
www.gordon.edu/graduate/leadership/profiles - 19k

Juliet by Andras Visky - Gordon College

... Hannah Armbrust served as production manager and assistant to the director. Matthew
Doll provided graphic design, and Marziano Fontana assisted with recording. ...
www.gordon.edu/safh/juliet - 24k

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