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Physics Professor Receives Over Half a Million in National Science ...

... says. The deeper he wades into the study of physics, the more Svitelskiy
says he recognizes the undeniable intricacy of design. ...
stories.gordon.edu/.../ - 37k

The Bell | News and stories from Gordon College | Page 94

... Most of Chuck Bartholomew’s days at Gearbox Software involve some aspect of character
design, a process he says starts with “envisioning the play style of ...
stories.gordon.edu/page/94/ - 58k

Gordon Athletics - Softball Coaching Staff

... of Christian Athletes at Marietta. She also graduated Cum Laude with a
BFA in Graphic Design in May of 2010. Woolf also serves as ...
athletics.gordon.edu/.../2011/7/12/SB%20Staff.aspx?path=softball - 38k - 2017-12-08

Gordon Expands Global Education Offerings | The Bell

... Taught by globally-acclaimed scholars, the program integrates design, entrepreneurship
and humanities with both foundational and advanced application computer ...
stories.gordon.edu/gordon-expands-global-education-offerings/ - 32k

Withdrawing to Gain Strength in Orvieto: One Student’s ...

... Transformation Though I’m not an art major, by the time the fourth and final week
of my Disegno (design) class rolled around, I found it difficult to part ...
stories.gordon.edu/.../ - 41k

Samantha Matthews ’15: Cross-Cultural Art | The Bell

... Matthews’ courses at Gordon have included Principles of Design and Drawing 1, in
which she learned foundational concepts from faculty who encouraged her and ...
stories.gordon.edu/cross-cultural-art/ - 34k

Exhibition Opening in Orvieto | The Bell

... Each Mostra, the Italian word for exhibition, is collective by design since
displaying the work of the entire semester made by the students. ...
stories.gordon.edu/exhibition-opening-in-orvieto/ - 34k

Students Engineer Tech Toys in the Spirit of Christmas | The Bell

... Julien claimed “Toy of the Year” honors for his Technics 4-beam-shooting tank that
combined design, practicality, interactivity and a dual-barrel machine ...
stories.gordon.edu/.../ - 40k

Gordon College–A Dynamic Vision | The Bell

... Selected architectural structures organize the design—the jewel-like Boston skyline,
Frost Hall, the Gordon Chapel, gothic arches representing the ...
stories.gordon.edu/a-dynamic-vision/ - 37k

A Student’s Report from the Association of Teacher Educators ...

stories.gordon.edu/.../ - 34k

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