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Minor and Special Programs - Gordon College

... for church and para-church ministries but also for other areas of cultural leadership
such as business, education, public service, journalism, law and medicine ...
www.gordon.edu/bible/concentrations - 21k

Launch Coordinators - Gordon College

... justice for the helpless through politics, she has a pre-law minor and ... a sophomore
Clarendon Scholar from New London, CT, studying business administration with ...
www.gordon.edu/launch/studentcoordinators - 20k

Gordon College, one of the top Christian colleges in America & New ...

Gordon College is among the top Christian colleges in the nation and the only
nondenominational Christian College in New England. Gordon is committed to excellence ...
www.gordon.edu/giving/programs - 33k

Christian College: Life & Conduct - Gordon College

... on adjacent properties or while attending College-related events or on College-related
business. ... This includes the use of those drugs prohibited by law and the ...
www.gordon.edu/about/life&conduct - 27k

Sustainability Research - Gordon College

... Chemistry, has said, the solution to future problems lies in the education of future
chemists in environmental toxicology, law and policy ... ECONOMICS & BUSINESS. ...
www.gordon.edu/sustainability/research - 30k

Christian College Spanish Major - Gordon College

... Travel and tourism; International law; Journalism and the media; Social work;
Nonprofit administration; International business and marketing. ...
www.gordon.edu/academics/spanish - 20k

Christian College Political Science, Christian Political Science ...

... Offers two distinct majors in Political Science and International Affairs (the latter
in cooperation with the Department of Business and Economics). ...
www.gordon.edu/academics/psdept - 18k

Center for Evangelicalism and Culture People: People - Gordon ...

... Professor Sherratt teaches American Politics, Constitutional Law and Public Policy
at Gordon ... Stephen LS Smith, Ph.D. Professor of Economics and Business. ...
www.gordon.edu/ceculture/people - 29k

ACE -- Association of Christian Economists

... Levine, Economic Morality and Jewish Law and Joseph Isaac Lifshitz, Judaism, Law
& the ... Review of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Business Ethics by Walton Padelford. ...
www.gordon.edu/ace/FandEindexchronological.html - 101k - 2015-12-18

ACE -- Association of Christian Economists

... Review of Religious Perspectives on Business Ethics--An Anthology by Thomas O'Brien
and Scott Paeth, eds. ... Wealth & Poverty in Old Testament Law. ...
www.gordon.edu/ace/FandEindextopical.html - 101k - 2014-12-19

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