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Wilson Reading Systems Level 1 Certification

Gordon College is offering Wilson Reading Systems® Level 1 Certification

Wilson® (an Orton-Gillingham derivative) is a highly effective, explicit, and systematic reading/spelling intervention for students with severe reading difficulties, especially dyslexia.

According to the 2005 National Assessment of Educational Progress report (NAEP), millions of students in schools across the nation struggle to read every day.

The Wilson Reading System® Certification program from Gordon College provides teachers with the skills needed to help students become fluent, independent readers, using multi-sensory, structured language programs and strategies to teach reading and spelling successfully.

The Wilson Reading System® (WRS) is implemented in public and private schools, literacy volunteer organizations, clinics, adult basic education classes, family literacy programs, correctional facilities and home school environments across the country. WRS directly teaches the structure of words in the English language so that students master the coding system for reading and spelling.

Earning the Wilson Reading System® Certification will show that you have the knowledge you need to work with students who have a language-based learning disability, such as dyslexia, as well as those who are reading below grade level.

"The Wilson program provided me with the skills to reach students who have not previously been successful with reading. Although it is designed for one-on-one or very small group remediation, I have also been able to apply many of the strategies to all my reading groups in 3rd grade. Because it uses a multi-sensory approach, I have seen much growth in my lower readers. The program provides a clear sequence of what to teach, explicit guidance on how to effectively teach each new concept, word lists, sentences and stories, so you don't have to spend any time reinventing the wheel. This program has been very teacher friendly and so effective!"
—Christine Johnson, M.ED in Reading, class of 2015

The Wilson Reading System® Certification program is made up of three courses that cover the fundamentals of the Wilson Reading System®.

EDU695 Introduction to Multisensory Structured Language Instruction  
Online via Wilson Academy    
 $325 (1 Graduate Credit)
Online: July 17 - August 16, 2017
Examines the definition of dyslexia and common characteristics, reading research and the five areas of reading in relation to students beyond grade two with persistent phonological coding deficits. Specifically studies the Wilson Reading System® (WRS), principles of language structure, how to teach language with direct, multisensory methods; including student identification and placement, program implementation, progress monitoring, scheduling, and creating a successful classroom environment.

EDU696 Intensive Instruction for the Non-Responsive Reader (Basic Word Study 1–6) 
Online via Wilson Academy    
Cost: $1950 (6 Graduate Credits)
Begins online Wednesday, September 27, 6:30-9pm (continues on Wednesdays)
Presents in detail the multisensory structured language instruction that is required for teaching students beyond grade two with word-level deficits who are unresponsive to previous instruction. This course provides practical application of reading research, with particular emphasis on phonological awareness, phonics and spelling at the beginning levels of decoding and encoding. Provides specific procedures to teach the concepts presented in WRS Steps 1-6. Additional topics include accuracy and automaticity of word recognition, fluency with decodable text, and listening/reading comprehension at beginning stages of reading.

EDU697 Clinical Intensive Instruction for the Non-Responsive Reader
Practicum/Observation at school site 

Cost: $975 (3 Graduate Credits) + $600 lab fee for observations
Begins online September 27, 2017
Supervised practicum requires successful delivery of 60 WRS lessons (at minimum) and mastery through WRS Step 4.2 with an individual student selected according to WRS criteria. A Wilson trainer observes the participant working with his/her student five times during the practicum. The teacher must demonstrate that the teaching plan is based on continuous assessment of student's needs.

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