Ropes Course


Discovery uses adventure learning and a supportive Christian community to promote spiritual growth, personal discovery, character formation, and an appreciation of the natural environment. The quad-long course fosters this development during the first-year transition into Gordon College.

The course meets twice a week throughout the quad (half semester). It incorporates a wide array of activities specifically designed to meet the needs of Gordon College students, especially as they transition into the school. These activities include: high and low challenge courses, group initiatives, personal reflection, and a weekend trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
What it looks like
Helping hand icon Building Relationships 
Discovery creates a fun, safe environment to build quality relationships. Games, group initiatives and problem-solving activities enable students to know and be known—to develop meaningful relationships with people that they might not have met otherwise. Students gain communication skills, empathy and an ability to work with others.

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Embracing Challenges
Students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone on the challenge course. The class becomes a supportive community spurring one another on to take on challenges with a high degree of perceived risk, but low actual risk. This support becomes tangible as students learn to belay each other on high elements. The confidence developed on the challenge course builds within students a belief that they can overcome life’s challenges relying upon God and their Christian community


Group Bonding:
Students bond through a weekend camping trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The class has the opportunity to become a close-knit community as they hike together, enjoy meals together and share their stories around the campfire. This trip provides a wonderful opportunity to see God revealed in the beauty of His Creation.
Campfire Celebration and Reflection
The class ends with a time of celebration and looking back on the lessons that have been learned. Students have the opportunity to sharpen each other through feedback and encouragement.