Deciding Major

About the Deciding Major

Gordon College provides the option of declaring a Deciding Major for students still seeking their first major, or for those re-deciding the major they have already chosen. Declaring a Deciding Major whether you are just coming to Gordon, or reconsidering the major you initially declared, gives you the chance to explore and decide your academic options within the context of the College itself. And when someone inevitably asks you what your major is, you can gladly say, “Deciding.”

Many students can be initially unsure of an area of study to choose, for many reasons. Nationally, and here at Gordon, good numbers of students arriving at college do not declare a major for their first semester, or even in their first year. At Gordon, the Deciding major (DECD) was the most popular major chosen in the incoming class the past three years, topping Psychology, Business Administration, and Biology.

The goal of the Deciding major is to aid a student who is searching for at least one area of study to  learn to love, an area of study that can provide a foundation for lifelong learning, leadership, work, and service. Most Deciding students commit to a major within that first year, after a chance to talk through their personal hopes and goals for higher learning. Students should declare a degree-seeking major by the end of their sophomore year, or even earlier for some majors, and the advising process for Deciding majors encourages this progress.

Deciding Advisors

We are pleased to connect students with an initial academic advisor – their DECD Advisor – to begin the conversation about their academic and career hopes and goals.

  • Deciding Advisors are generalists who possess a broad understanding of Gordon’s strengths in the Christian liberal arts and sciences across the many academic areas of study at Gordon. They provide a good resource for direct questions about a student’s interests, strengths, and curiosities.
  • Deciding advisors themselves represent a variety of undergraduate academic disciplines, hold graduate degrees, and are selected for their ability to listen and coach students in this important period of a student’s development.

We recognize that the process of deciding takes more time than simply registering for courses. Academic advising for Deciding majors is less about which courses to take than which areas of study will be the best fit for a student's interests and goals. It’s hard to pick courses without an academic direction.

Deciding majors may meet with their advisor two to three times a semester before Registration, and in these meetings students are expected to share about their progress toward discovering an area of study.

Deciding is an active process; we’ve chosen this descriptive title on purpose. Each student should be actively deciding which area or areas of study are interesting, rewarding, and productive, both for fulfilling a college degree and also for a future career.

Deciding Major program contact

Chris Carlson, Dean of Student Engagement
Center for Student Development (CSD) - 978.867.4263