College Communications
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College Communications

The Office of College Communications & Marketing serves as the link between Gordon College and the public. The staff works with the media to report timely events about the College, and connects reporters with our faculty members across disciplines who provide expert perspectives on today's many issues and news stories. 

The Office of College Communications & Marketing also publishes the award-winning magazine, Stillpoint, as well as many other publications which include the Gordon College Web site, numerous online resources, Web pages and a variety of materials that reflect our campus life. 

In addition to these priorities, the Office of College Communications & Marketing operates as a professional in-house *agency overseeing marketing and paid advertising for the College, social media communications, brand management, and special event planning for a number of annual gatherings on campus.


Richard D. Sweeney Jr.
Vice President for Marketing and Strategic Communications


Director of Marketing Communications
p: 978.867.4236
c: 978.595.8817 (media relations & journalist calls only please)

Patricia Hanlon

Director of Publications
p: 978.867.4553

John Mirisola
Communications Specialist
p: 978.867.4469

Ann Smith
Copy Editor
p: 978.867.4839

Stephen Dagley
Director of Web
p: 978.867.4552

John Buckley '15

Gordon College Presidential Fellow
p: 978.867.4235

Hee-Kyoung Park
Graduate Student (M.Ed) and part time office support
p: 978.867.4235

Mark Spooner '14
Senior Photographer: Editorial, portrait and event photography
p: 978.867.4235

Antony Ohman '16
Editorial, portrait and event photography
p: 978.867.4235

Chan Mi Kim '16
International programs, portrait and event photography
p: 978.867.4235

Operating as a full scale professional in-house agency, College Communications serves as the paid advertising buyer for College clients, programs, events and academic departments. Services in public relations, design, advertising creation, paid placement consultation, and marketing are all resources provided by our staff of agency professionals. On a case by case basis, Gordon's in-house agency consults with area nonprofits associated with the College to help connect alumni, educational programs, service learning, church relations and graphic design with our team of professionals. For more information on Gordon's on campus PR agency, contact our office directory at 978.867.4235.


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