Classical Studies


By Classical Studies or “Classics” we mean the language and literature of ancient Greece and Rome. Classical culture has had an enormous influence upon our Western civilization, in fields as varied as philosophy, literature, law, politics, and mathematics, to name but a few. But recognition of the fundamental role of the Classics has gradually faded over the years, to the point that many if not most people find it hard to justify the usefulness of studying Classics at all.

With the Minor in Classical Studies you will be able to rediscover some of that glorious heritage! You’ll have the opportunity to further your interest in ancient Roman and/or Greek civilization, by taking elective courses in classical literature, history, and philosophy, as well as gaining proficiency in the Latin language.

The minor in Classical Studies combines naturally with a major in (for example) history, philosophy, Biblical Studies, or English; we have even had a biology major with a Classics minor.

Students planning to apply to graduate school in the humanities will find that a Classics minor is helpful for those looking at History, English, Foreign Languages, and Philosophy, to name a few. And of course a solid knowledge of the Latin language is invaluable for one’s command of good English grammar, vocabulary, and style.


The interdisciplinary minor in classical studies requires 20 credits: one full year of Latin or Greek language plus three additional courses from a selection of ancient history, classical literature and philosophy courses.

Language (8 credits)

  • LAT 101 - Beginning Latin I (4) and
  • LAT 102 - Beginning Latin II (4)


  • BCM 201 - Greek I (4) and
  • BCM 202 - Greek II (4)

Electives (12 credits)

     Any 3 of the following electives:

  • ENG 262 - Classical Literature (4)
  • HIS 214 - History of Ancient Greece (4)
  • HIS 216 - History of Ancient Rome (4)
  • HIS 291 - International Seminar: History of Ancient and Modern Greek Culture and Christianity in the Aegean (4)
  • HIS 315 - Ancient Belief and the Earliest Christian Church (4)
  • HIS 495 - Advanced Seminar: Ancient History (2)
  • HIS 496 - Advanced Seminar: Ancient History (2)
  • PHI 202 - History of Philosophy I: Ancient through Medieval (4)


For further information or if you have any questions about the Classics Minor, please contact Professor Graeme Bird:

Graeme Bird
Associate Professor of Linguistics and Classics
p: 978.867.4352