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This semester's chapel theme is Psalms for the Journey.

Rev. Tom Haugen, as well as numerous guest speakers, will present on this topic throughout the semester at a variety of campus gatherings. As we dive into the Psalms together, we pray that the Gordon community—students, faculty and staff alike—will join as one with the common vision of giving God the honor and glory He deserves. 

The chapel program at Gordon College allows the campus community to gather twice a week to learn together about the meaning, practice, and relevance of the Christian faith to the challenges of the contemporary world. Through worship, biblical teaching, and theological reflection, the chapel program seeks to equip students with a fuller understanding of the truth of the gospel and elemental doctrines of the Christian faith.

10.02.2014 - Thursday 5:00 PM — 6:30 PM

Day of Prayer Chapel featuring Dr. Os Guinness

Dr. Os Guinness will preach in this special chapel gathering.

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Os Guinness is an author and social critic. He has written or edited over thirty books on a wide range of themes, including "The American Hour," "Time for Truth," "The Call," "Invitation to the Classics," "Long Journey Home," "Unspeakable," and "A Case for Civility." His latest book is "Renaissance: The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times," (IVP Books 2014). Dr. Guinness received his undergraduate degree from the University of London and his D.Phil in the social sciences from Oriel College, Oxford

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