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Ebeth Lyon

Elizabeth Lyon, Wilson and Lewis Hall

B.S. in Chemistry, Georgetown College, KY
M.A. in Higher Education and Student Development, Taylor University, IN

Taylor Mill, KY

What brought you to Gordon?
Often God takes me places that I least expect, but one of the greatest joys is that God opens my eyes to a place that is even better than I could have imagined. After obtaining my master's degree, I applied to several colleges and universities. I had little connection to Gordon College and thought that I wanted to be somewhere closer to family. However, the more that I learned about the Gordon community, the more I felt God calling me to the northeast. Now, I know that I could not have chosen a better fit for myself.

What is your favorite part about working in Residence Life?
A couple of my favorite things about working in Residence Life is the opportunity to model life in community for those around me, and to invest in the students under my care. I find it such a blessing and an honor to be called to educate students outside the classroom. Working in residence life allows me the freedom to get to know students beyond the classroom, making each day a little different and exciting!

What is your favorite thing about Gordon?
The campus is so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing! I love that so much attention is given not only to taking care of students and providing a solid education, but also to the physical details of maintaining a campus community.

What do you enjoy doing during your free time?
I love to learn new things, which is why I have so many passions! In my free time, I love to play and watch sports, practice guitar, create new pieces of artwork, talk with friends, and cook!

What is your favorite college memory?
I have so many memories that choosing one is difficult. However, I would say at the top of my list would be my residence hall winning Songfest my senior year, a tradition at Georgetown College where every hall competes in an eight-minute song and skit for homecoming. Homecoming all around, my senior year of college, was a wonderful memory!

What is your favorite hall event?
The Wilson-Drew Art Show and Coffeehouse is by far my favorite hall event! Every student living in Wilson and Drew has the opportunity to showcase their talents, whether that is songwriting, playing an instrument, written word, canvas painting, photography, or drawing. Wilson and Drew Halls gather on a Friday night to listen to music and vote on the pieces. Not only is it a perfect opportunity to celebrate the many talented and gifted students in Wilson and Drew, but also, it gives us an opportunity to decorate the lounges using student artwork!