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Financial Aid Renewal Policy & Application

You must re-apply every year to receive financial aid and scholarships. While the types and amounts of aid you are awarded may be adjusted to reflect changes in your own and your family’s financial circumstances, Gordon’s Student Financial Services Office is committed to maximize resources available to all returning students who meet the application deadline of April 15th.


  • You must be enrolled in a degree program. Students carrying less than the full-time course load (12 semester credit hours) will have reduced eligibility for aid and those who drop below half-time (6 semester credit hours) will lose eligibility for most aid sources.
  • Students participating in off-campus academic programs should notify their Student Financial Services counselor.
  • You must be making satisfactory academic progress towards a degree. Students receiving aid must achieve and maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA by junior year (56 semester hours).
  • A student is eligible to receive five years (10 semesters) of federal aid in the pursuit of an undergraduate degree. Institutional aid eligibility for a fifth year of study is on an appeal basis only.
  • You must demonstrate financial need. Students whose cost of attendance exceeds the calculated expected family contribution may qualify for need-based aid. The expected family contribution is determined using information on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • You should inform us of additional resources you receive during the year or changes in academic plans. The Student Financial Services office reserves the right to review aid awards during the year and will adjust if appropriate.

Financial Aid Terms and Conditions

  • I understand I must notify the Financial Services Office immediately of any changes in my enrollment.
  • I understand I am responsible to know information concerning both institutional charges and miscellaneous costs related to attending the College.
  • I agree to notify the Financial Services Office of any outside scholarships I receive. I understand this may result in a revision of my financial aid award.
  • I certify that I will not use or distribute illegal drugs while pursuing a degree and benefiting from federal aid funds.

Scholarship and Aid Renewal Application 2020-2021

1. I understand and agree to the "Financial Aid Terms and Conditions":


2. Gordon ID:

3. Gordon Email Address:

4. Last Name:

5. First Name:

6. School Year Residence:

On Campus
Study Abroad Program
Unknown at the moment

7. Types of financial aid you are applying for:

Renewing merit scholarship only (complete this form only)
Merit scholarship and need-based aid (complete this form and the FAFSA)
Tuition Remission (faculty and staff dependents only)

8. Returning as:

Freshman 0-26 credits
Sophomore 27-55 credits
Junior 56-85 credits
Senior 85+ credits

9. Number of credit hours you plan to take in the Summer Term:

10. Number of credit hours you plan to take in the Fall Semester:

0 credits
1-5 credits
6-8 credits
9-11 credits
12 + credits

11. Number of credit hours you plan to take in the Spring Semester:

0 credits
1-5 credits
6-8 credits
9-11 credits
12 + credits

12. Expected graduation date (estimate date):

13. Student Veteran Status:

Active Duty
National Guard
Receiving Veterans Benefits
None of the above