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Study Abroad Lithuania (LCC)


The LCC International University program is a unique program to Gordon College in that it is an "exchange" program. Beginning in spring 2008, students from Gordon will travel to LCC for one semester, and LCC students will come to Gordon the next semester. With 600 students from across Europe, LCC International University in Lithuania is a mosaic of cultures. At LCC students interact with the three main Christian traditions (Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant) and will see how those from other traditions connect with God. Students from Gordon will join with thirty other North American students to immerse themselves in the culture of the Baltic states. In living and studying alongside their national and international peers, Gordon students will discover why LCC's students are driven by a unique understanding of independence, freedom, and possibility.

Over the semester, students visit three countries in four months: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. This means unique destinations with opportunities for learning more deeply firsthand. With everything LCC teaches about being travel savvy, students will be able to travel around Europe independently on the weekends.

Check out LCC's Instagram for up-to-date info, photos, and more!


LCC welcomes applications from various majors. To gain eligibility you must:

  • Have Sophomore standing or above
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Possess a strong commitment to academics and Christianity

Besides traveling to the best cities in the region, students will learn how to live like an urban European where people (lots of them) live in a small space, bumping into each other (sometimes literally). Buses and trains, cafes, cobblestones, and markets are all parts of daily life at LCC. 


All courses at LCC are taught in English. You can find a list of courses listed by semester on the LCC website under "Studies at LCC". Meet major requirements (with advisor approval) in Business, Economics, Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries, English, International Relations, Communication and Psychology.

There are also courses that could meet core requirements or other requirements for students' majors. All courses used for core fulfillment must be approved by the Registrar's office. See GEO for more information.


The Global Education Office will work with Student Financial Services to reassess each applicant's institutional aid for their off-campus semester. Institutional aid includes Gordon-awarded merit scholarships and grants, honors program awards, and major-or department-specific awards. Federal and private aid will not be affected. Factors in the reassessment process include financial need, GEO program flexibility within your major/minor, and program cost. SFS will provide a breakdown of costs to each student after approval has been issued by the GEO.

You will be charged the basic term expenses as indicated in the academic catalog. Student Financial Services will reassess each applicant's financial aid package for their off-campus semester and provide a breakdown of costs after acceptance from the GEO. Federal and private aid will not be affected. Please contact SFS for specific financial questions. Regular Gordon semester costs include:

  • Tuition: 15 semester hours (5 courses)
  • Housing: shared room with 3-4 roommates
  • Monthly stipend for food and entertainment
  • Ground Transportation
  • Orientation week travel throughout Lithuania
  • Weekend trip to Riga, Latvia and Tallinn, Estonia
  • 9-day trip to Georgia (during the mid-semester break)
  • Lithuanian student visa
  • Use of textbooks from the LCC library (so students don't have to buy them)

Not covered:

  • Flights
  • Personal Expenses
  • Independent travel


All Gordon students applying to this program must first submit an online seat application to the Global Education Office before applying directly to your program. Fall and Spring seat applications must be submitted to the GEO by March 1.

After the Global Education Office has notified you of your approval, you may then proceed with the program's application. See LCC's website for more information on applications and deadlines. 


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