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University of Edinburgh


Students majoring in Biblical Studies, Biology, Business & Economics, Psychology, or Philosophy are encouraged to apply for a semester at the University of Edinburgh. The inspiring capital of Scotland is a historic, cultured city that offers a unique living and learning experience.

Consider joining a lively academic environment in one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, Edinburgh is regularly voted as one of the most desirable places to live in the world. This cosmopolitan, safe and welcoming atmosphere encourages international students to feel at home quickly. Edinburgh's international reputation for excellence is well founded, with the University recognized regularly for teaching and research excellence.

Students in other majors wishing to study at University of Edinburgh MUST file a petition for study along with the seat application.


To gain eligibility you must:

  • Have at least Sophomore standing at the time of application
  • Major or Minor in Philosophy, Biology, Biblical Studies, Psychology, or Business and Economics
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0


Scottish universities have twice the credit hours of most European universities. Sixty-credit hours is the minimum number of credits per semester at University of Edinburgh. That means, three 20-credit classes constitute the minimum load a student may take at Edinburgh and will come back to Gordon at 15 credit hours.

10 University of Edinburgh credits = 2.5 Gordon credits
20 University of Edinburgh credits = 5 Gordon credits.


The cost of study at Edinburgh is the same as regular Gordon tuition and fees for a semester. Accepted students may apply all regular scholarships to the cost of the program. These costs cover:

  • tuition
  • room & board**
  • athletic fees
  • all associated academic fees.

**Housing and meals (catered accommodation) is guaranteed to all international students accepted by the university. However, students may choose self-catered accommodation. In the latter case, no meal plan would be charged by Gordon on the student account. Fees charged by the University to maintain accommodation through the semester break are paid by Gordon.
Not covered:

  • Flights
  • Personal expenses
  • Independent travel


All Gordon students applying to this program must first submit an online seat application to the Global Education Office before applying to your program.

After you've been approved by the Global Education Office proceed with the program's application. Spring applications are accepted until October 31