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Gordon's Department of Language and Linguistics recommends CIEE's programs in France for students studying French. French majors are required to study abroad for one semester and encouraged to study for the full year. 

CIEE's three program locations have different concentrations and students are advised to consult their French faculty as they examine the options. The available locations are:

  • Paris
  • Rennes
  • Toulouse

PARIS CIEE offers different two different program opportunities in Paris.

Critical & Francophone Studies examines French art, society and culture:

  • Take courses in critical studies focusing on French theory in cinema, the arts, writing, and critical thought and Francophone Studies in contemporary French society and culture
  • Study entirely in French, with a strong emphasis on the French intellectual tradition and emergent global thought
  • Enroll in the Université de Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle or the Université Paris Diderot (Paris 7), allowing direct engagement in Parisian university life
  • Visit exhibits, attend film festivals and listen to lectures
  • Take day excursions to places in and around Paris and weekend excursions to other important French cities

The Contemporary French Studies program allows beginning and intermediate students an entryway into the political, social, and cultural complexity of contemporary France:

  • Improve your French, and discover Paris and contemporary French society through a program specially designed for the beginning and intermediate language student
  • Choose from CIEE content courses taught in French for the intermediate to advanced student, and English for the beginning to intermediate student
  • Meet locals through a homestay, volunteering opportunities with French youth, and by conversing with your peers
  • Take fascinating practicum courses that bring you into contact with French society
  • Audit a class at the Université de Paris if you meet the qualifications

RENNES lies in the heart of Brittany and offers students an opportunity to discover not only contemporary France but also its Celtic traditions and history. The Rennes Liberal Arts program enables students to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the French people and fluency in the French language
  • Enjoy for-credit teaching internships in a local primary, middle, or high school
  • Enroll in a French university
  • Live with a French family, and immerse yourself in the culture
  • Visit museums and theaters, and take excursions to sites such as the southwestern coast of Brittany, beaches of Normandy, Mont Saint-Michel, and castles of the Loire Valley

TOULOUSE is home to one of Europe's oldest universities and one of France's premier business schools. The Business & Culture program offers students the opportunity to take courses at one of the nation’s best undergraduate business schools, pursue an internship with a local or international company while living in a region of France with a rich cultural heritage. Students can:

  • Study at France’s top-ranked undergraduate business school alongside French and international students
  • Enjoy a varied co-curricular program that includes a study trip to Paris as well as visits to local companies and activities in and around the vibrant university town of Toulouse
  • Take advantage of the convenient French rail system to explore the Mediterranean, the Atlantic coast, and the Pyrenees

TRAVEL INFO: a how-to from the Paris Police on staying safe in Paris. Very handy advice that applies to many urban centers in France.


Students wishing to apply for CIEE must:

  • Have sophomore standing or above
  • Be a French major/minor
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA (Paris programs) or 2.75 (Rennes and Toulouse)
  • Have the approval of their French advisor for their location choice


Upon arrival, students take a placement exam. Students who place below the advanced level may be required to enroll in an additional language course for advanced or intermediate composition.
In general, students take a minimum of one required French language course and four elective courses. These electives can include CIEE courses, regular university courses, and internship opportunities.

Global Understanding core credit can be fulfilled by this semester program when students participate in COR210 pre-departure and COR211 upon re-entry. Lab fees apply.


 The following is included:

  • Tuition and direct program costs
  • Room and board (Note: in some CIEE programs, only two meals per day are covered)

Not covered:

  • Flights
  • Personal expenses
  • Local travel
  • Course material

Student Financial Services will reassess each applicant's financial aid package for their off-campus semester and provide a breakdown of costs after acceptance from the GEO. Federal and private aid will not be affected. Please contact SFS for specific financial questions. 


All Gordon students applying to this program must first submit an online seat application to the Global Education Office before applying directly to your program. Seat applications must be submitted to the GEO by March 1.

After the Global Education Office has notified you of your approval, you may then proceed with the program's application. Spring applications are accepted until November 1. Fall applications are accepted until May 1.


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