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University of Auckland - Linguistics


Gordon College's Department of Languages and Linguistics has selected the University of Auckland for Linguistics majors who wish to pursue a semester abroad. Auckland's School of Cultures, Languages and Linguistics offers a diverse array of Linguistic courses that fulfill Gordon requirements and electives (e.g. Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics, Lexical Functional Grammar).

Gordon's Languages and Linguistics Department requires its majors to take advantage of the opportunity to better understand New Zealand by taking a course related to New Zealand culture while at Auckland. Aside from options within Linguistics such as Polynesian Comparative Linguistics, there are many appropriate courses across the other disciplines:

  • Introduction to Cook Islands Maori (Maori Studies)
  • Introduction to Spoken Maori (Maori Studies)
  • New Zealand Politics (Political Science)
  • Race, Indigeneity and the Media (Communication Arts)
  • Waitangi: Treaty to Tribunal (History)
  • Ethnographies of Contemporary Maori (Anthropology)
  • Coming of the Maori: Archaeology of Aotearoa/New Zealand (Anthropology)
  • Pacific Literature (English)

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  • Semester 1: Late February to late June
  • Semester 2: Mid-July to mid-November


Qualifying Linguistics majors/minors will:

  • Have at least sophomore standing or above
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Have the approval of their advisor


Courses at Auckland are generally 15 "points" (credits). To convert New Zealand points to the U.S. credit system, divide by 4. So, students taking a 60-point courseload at Auckland (the usual semester load) will receive 15 U.S. credits.


Program costs include:

  • tuition
  • room
  • required health insurance
  • associated academic fees

Costs not covered by Gordon include:

  • flights
  • board
  • visa fees
  • personal expenses
  • independent travel
  • books and supplies, etc.

Student Financial Services will reassess each applicant's financial aid package for their off-campus semester and provide a breakdown of costs after acceptance from the GEO. Federal and private aid will not be affected. Please contact SFS for specific financial questions. 


All Gordon students applying to this program must first submit an online seat application to the Global Education Office before applying directly to your program. Seat applications must be submitted to the GEO by March 1.

After the Global Education Office has notified you of your approval, you may then proceed with the program's application. Spring applications are accepted until October 15. Fall applications are accepted until April 1.


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