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Chamber Music

The Chamber Music program is an integral part of the instrumental and vocal experience at the Gordon Department of Music, and is open to all music majors and minors.

Advanced instrumentalists and singers come together in groups of two or more to learn skills necessary for making musical dialogues come alive. This course provides an opportunity for students to learn and perform a broad range of chamber music literature, and in so doing develop the qualities required of a well-rounded musician: technical finesse, personal and cooperative artistry, the ability to listen, be flexible, communication, emote, collaborate, and interpret.

Dr. Sarita Kwok directs the Chamber Music program and leads a team of faculty coaches, who work intensively on a weekly basis with student groups as they prepare for a mid-semester master class and a major performance at the end of the semester. Student chamber music groups may also have the opportunity to perform off-campus or at special events.

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