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2021 Ensemble Auditions

Join our team and earn credit!  
Join a music ensemble and contribute your talents to performances—and earn credit doing it! Music ensembles are open to all majors via audition. You can also fulfill the Fine Arts core requirement by participating in ensembles for 2-4 semesters.

For the Fall 2021 semester, we are only accepting video submissions for Department of Music ensemble auditions. Students will submit their ensemble audition via the appropriate Microsoft Office Form. (Links are embedded below.)

On August 1, the Microsoft Office Form links will go ‘live’ and students will be able to upload their video audition. Ensemble audition submissions will close on August 22nd at midnight.

Ensemble rosters will be announced by the ensemble director via email to each auditioning student before the first day of classes. ALL students can begin registering when add/drop opens on August 25.

Please note that no videos should be longer than 2.5 minutes and should be uploaded to the appropriate forms as an MP4 or MOV file only.

By NEW students we mean students new to Gordon College (freshmen/transfer students) and also returning Gordon students who are new to our music ensembles.

  • Any student who wishes to remain in the same choral ensemble from the Spring 2021 semester will not need to re-audition and should register for the same ensemble on my.gordon.edu.
  • New students and returning students wishing to participate in a different choir will audition by video. Please submit a video of yourself singing one verse of Amazing Grace in a key of your choice HERE.
  • Any student who was in GSO or Symphonic band in the Spring 2021 semester will not need to re-audition and should register for the instrumental ensemble they wish to participate in on my.gordon.edu.
  • New students will audition by video. Please video record one or two passages from a solo, etude, or ensemble piece. The chosen passage(s) should demonstrate your technical and lyrical playing. The video submission should be no longer than 2.5 minutes. Please submit your video HERE.
  • A student who was Jazz Ensemble in the Spring of 2021 will not need to re-audition and should register for Jazz Ensemble on my.gordon.edu.
  • New students will audition by video. Please record the following required items and submit your video of less than 2.5 minutes HERE.

All Instruments except drums

  • Perform one jazz standard, or a Real Book tune or popular tune that demonstrates your best playing.

Scales for wind and brass players


  • Bb major scale up to your highest practical range


  • Chromatic scale through the full range of your instrument

Rhythm Section-additional requirements

Guitar and Piano and Bass

  • Comp or walk 2 choruses of a Bb Blues.


  1. Perform a 32-bar medium swing feel at 132 beats per minute 
    1. The first 16 bars are “time”
    2. The second 16 bars are trading 4’s-four bars of time followed by four bars of solo etc.
  2. Perform 8 bars of any Latin feel
  3. Perform 8 bars of any funk/fusion feel

Voice auditions for jazz ensemble solos will happen later in the semester.

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