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Our Back to Business Ramp Up Plan

Valued current or potential, patient, client or member,

We wanted to share with you the many ways in which you can continue or begin to receive services from The Center for Balance, Mobility and Wellness. We understand that this is a challenging time for all due to COVID-19 and appreciate that many of our patients, members and clients are considered vulnerable due to age and/or underlying health conditions. With that being said, we also acknowledge the need to stay healthy, gain strength and improve mobility for safe, vibrant and independent living.

Per the Massachusetts Health and Human Services Reopening Guidelines, physical therapy is deemed an essential service, and as a result, the Center is able to see our patients in-person using our best clinical judgment. Whenever possible, we continue to utilize telehealth services for minimizing our patients’ risk of exposure to the virus. However, we are able to provide in-person services when they are deemed urgent, cannot be delivered remotely and could lead to a high risk of worsening of the patient’s condition if deferred. Determining the most effective care delivery is best decided between the patient and the therapist. Please see the details below for both our Physical Therapy and Wellness services regarding our current and future operational plans.

Our In-Person Wellness Center and Wellness Services are Open Now!

Our Business Has Ramped Back Up with You In Mind!

  • Available now and ongoing: Virtual wellness classes, outdoor classes (weather permitting) personal training, virtual supervised home wellness programs, health coaching and virtual memberships
  • The wellness center is now in full swing, including appointment-based exercise for members, training clients and direct care recipients and eventually moving to non-appointment based, volume-controlled gym use and finally in-home training and indoor group wellness classes.
  • CBMW wellness will operate with modified hours to start and will expand hours as safety allows (No Saturday wellness hours to start)
  • Read the detailed letter explaining our opening plan, including hours of operation now ➔
  • To schedule or learn more about any of our virtual offerings or for questions on our re-open plan, reach out to Andrew Walker at 978.867.4134 or 

Our Job=Your Safety 

What we are doing:

  • Staff always wear PPE including masks always, and gloves (where appropriate)
  • Patients are adequately separated to respect spatial distancing measures
  • Equipment is moved to accommodate spatial distancing
  • The waiting area is now patient-only (family and caregivers are asked to wait in their cars) and is limited to 3 persons.
  • All incoming clients will receive a brief health screen/interview where temperatures and recent health and social history will be taken
  • All surfaces are wiped down after each client/every hour
  • Our center welcomes you back with plenty of your own space, unmatched cleanliness, and key changes to our setup, ensuring your safety and well-being 

What we are asking of our clients: 

  • All visitors to our center must wear a mask at all times when inside or outside our building and should wear gloves as appropriate
  • All visitors will wash or sanitize hands prior to using any aspect of our facility immediately post entry
  • Please don't come in if you're feeling "off," sick, have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea or have recently been around those who are sick or anyone aside from your immediate family; this would include any public travel
  • Clean all equipment with our Sani Wipes® when you are done
  • Ensure you are 6-feet away from others at all times
  • Please do not come early, but be on time for all appointments
  • Please stay no longer than 1 hour

Physical Therapy is open now!

1. Direct In-Person Care – be seen by your therapist at the Center using best practice for minimizing spread of the virus, including symptom screening, assessing temperature, good hygiene, appropriate use of PPE, sanitizing/disinfecting surfaces and equipment and social distancing. Our Center is large, and we are able to well exceed the guidelines for social distancing for our staff and clients. Go here to view "A Safe and Successful Physical Therapy visit at the Center" document

2. CBMW at Home – be seen at your home by one of our therapists using best practice for minimizing spread of the virus including symptom screening, assessing temperature, good hygiene, appropriate use of PPE, sanitizing/disinfecting surfaces and equipment, and social distancing.

3. Telehealth Visits – be seen by your therapist via audio/video connection. This is now covered by both Medicare and commercial insurance. For those with commercial insurance, the video capability is not necessary. Go here to view "Telehealth patient information form",  Go here to view "Telehealth patient consent form"

4. Telephone assessment and management – only available for our current Medicare patients via telephone appointment. This is an option for those who do not have video capability for telehealth. This is covered by Medicare but not commercial insurance.

5. Support—through our on-line exercise videos. Watch videos ➔

We are confident in our ability to serve you effectively despite the need to alter the way we deliver our care. In response to these challenges, many positive changes have already emerged that will remain a part of our practice for the future.

We look forward to beginning or continuing our relationship with you and thank you for entrusting us with your care. If you have further questions, please contact CBMW therapy at 978.867.4095 and CBMW Wellness at 978.867.4134.

Best Regards and Good Health,

Marie Lucey, PT, GCS, Clinical Director

Andrew Walker, BS, ACE-CPT, SFS, Wellness Director