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Support The CBMW

A primary objective of the Center for Balance, Mobility and Wellness is to positively impact the health and wellness of our neighbors on the North Shore. We want our community to age well, maintain a high quality of life and to keep doing the activities they want to do as long as possible.

Within Gordon College, the CBMW maintains a self-supporting operating budget. As such, the generosity of individuals and our partners is essential to sustaining and progressing our services, community impact and continuance of research. We appreciate and truly benefit from donations and contributions to our Center.

Additionally, the CBMW has partnered with the College’s Office of Advancement and Development to ensure that gifts and donations meant for the Center (not for general College purposes) are deposited into a restricted account only to be used by the Center for Balance, Mobility and Wellness.

How will your financial gift be used?

To purchase new and maintain current state-of-the-art equipment that provides the proper tools for specialized treatment. The knowledge and information gained from these tests enables staff to design safe, effective and progressive treatment and exercise programs, and allows our members access to the latest and most usable functional training equipment available.

Training and Professional Development
To help support the ongoing professional development and continuing education opportunities for our staff. This ensures that our physical therapists and fitness professionals stay current with research advancements, and treatment and programming techniques.

General Fund
To enhance the Center’s programs and support day-to-day operations. Program expansion will enable the Center to provide additional rehabilitation and wellness programs. Assistance with operational expenses will help to support various costs such as providing marketing materials and resources to area physicians and the Councils on Aging, and providing financial assistance for student workers.

Give now to take advantage of this opportunity and make a personal commitment to improving the health of our communities. We appreciate your generosity and investment in our Center.

On this form, you will have the opportunity to choose which area you'd like to give to specifically. You can select equipment, professional development, program development, or more than one of these areas.