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Center for Balance, Mobility & Wellness

Our Parkinson’s Wellness Program – providing empowerment for those with Parkinson’s disease and their care partners, through education and exercise is supported by the CBMW operational budget and generous donors to this cause.

Our PD seminars continue! Click the link to the below for access to all past seminars and to learn more about our Parkinson's Wellness Program.Learn more ➔   

The Center for Balance, Mobility and Wellness delivers effective physical therapy services, exercise and wellness programs and membership at a state-of-the-art wellness facility for those age 50 and over, improving the health and quality of life of patients and fitness members alike.


Are you looking for remote exercise, class and educational support? We've got your back!
We've put together exercise demos, pre-recorded classes and more, so you'll have no problem finding ways to stay healthy, even while not in-person at our center! Watch our videos! ➔  


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Our experienced and compassionate physical therapists hold advanced degrees and certifications to provide expertise in the evaluation and treatment of vestibular, neurological and movement disorders, fall prevention and active aging. We work with over 100 new clients every month. Learn more about our physical therapy services  ➔

Wellness & Fitness

Wellness & Fitness

Our knowledgeable, degreed and certified fitness professionals provide medically-based individualized and group wellness programming to help individuals 50 years and achieve their health and wellness goals through our Strength For Life Programs.

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Watch this video to see what makes The Center for Balance, Mobility & Wellness so special.

" I do not know how -- or if -- we would have made it through the last two years without the Center. But beyond survival, the Center has made life enjoyable. What a gift we have had! We are so grateful to all of you."
—A. DeNood Thornton, CBMW client

" I came to the CBMW with balance and mobility issues made more difficult by the onset of multiple cancers involving surgeries, radiation and chemotherapies. I was beaten down physically, with pain, fatigue, weakness and feeling spiritually useless and hopeless. I was encouraged to come here. I received and continue to receive not only physical care but emotional and spiritual support as well."
—J. D'Angelo CBMW client

" Coming to the Center for Balance, Mobility & Wellness has made a difference in my life. Five years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and recently this past year with Cervical Spinal Stenosis. Marie Lucey the physical therapist/clinical director is great! Her knowledge of Parkinson's Disease and her support has helped me tremendously. I left for about a year but I decided to come back due to my increasing health problems and I’m so glad I did. The last six months of working with Wellness & Fitness Director, Andrew Walker, have been unbelievable. I feel more motivated and challenged and I'm getting stronger. I never thought I could do this and my family and friends have noticed the change. Heather Lewis, the physical therapist, has also helped me understand cervical spinal stenosis and has made me feel more comfortable. The staff at the CBMW is great."
—M. Rosa, CBMW client

" I just want to thank you [Marie] and Heather for helping me once again with my Vertigo. I was struggling to walk in a straight line and was afraid to put my head back. I am a repeat client of the Center of Balance (I call it the Wobbly center). After performing the Epley Maneuver and a few other exercises, Heather helped me get back on my feet and walking a straight line, The best call I made that morning was calling you guys.."
—Gatey, CBMW client