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Symposium Application

Gordon College Online Symposium 2021 Application

Please fill out the form and then submit your materials by email to cfi@gordon.edu. We are accepting Zoom events (presentations with Q&A, discussions, etc), YouTube links for video content (presentations, musical performances, performance art, etc) and PDF/JPEG/Word Documents for written and visual content (full length papers, artwork, etc). With any questions or clarifications, email hannah.craig@gordon.edu.

1. Contact Person

2. Contact Email Address

3. Major and Class Year

4. Entry Title

5. Participants: If applicable, provide the names of additional collaborators on your entry including faculty advisers.

6. Describe the type of entry you are submitting (if you select "other," please explain at the bottom of the application form).

Visual Art

7. Provide a 3-5 sentence paragraph summarizing the content of your entry.

8. Senior Thesis or Symposium Theme?

9. Other Comments