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Staffing for Sustainability

Sustainability Officer

Susan Gross, Office Manager, works with a team of dedicated staff members as well as the Sustainability Comittee that has both staff, faculty and students on it. These efforts are to ensure that sustainability remains a high priority on campus. The student group ASF (Advocates for a Sustainable Future) are also key players in all of our efforts. Together we actively participate in the following sustainability practices:

  • Planning, designing and construction
  • Facilities operation and maintenance
  • Curriculum development
  • Research
  • Advocacy

Sustainability Coordination

Gordon’s Sustainability Committee has been tasked by both the administration and board of trustees to advise on and implement policies and programs related to sustainability on campus. This committee focuses on sustainability broadly and covers the entire institution. The Sustainability Committee has been tasked with the following:


In order to better prepare graduates to be leaders in the world and to provide a Christian voice in issues of global concern, the Gordon College Sustainability Committee will provide leadership in moving Gordon College forward in our understanding of God’s call to be good stewards of Creation. The committee will serve as an advisory group to the VP of Finance and Administration and will:

  • Promote learning around environmental stewardship
  • Initiate policies and practices that promote the wise use of natural resources and the stewardship of ecological systems including actions that lead to a reduced carbon footprint
  • Set goals and track our progress in moving the campus toward greater environmental sustainability

The Sustainability Committee will be composed of: Three faculty members who represent both research interests and curricular interests in sustainability

  • Director of Facilities and Sustainability
  • Representative of the Student Development Office related to Residence Life
  • Student leader from the student group, Advocates for Sustainable Futures
  • Director of Community Engagement
  • VP for Finance and Administration (to whom the committee reports and serves as his/her advisory group.
  • Provost (ex officio)
  • Director of Institutional Research (ex officio) 

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