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Building Operations and Maintenance

Gordon owns and operates buildings that are:

  • Certified under the LEED® for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Green Building Rating System and
  • Operated and maintained in accordance with sustainable operations and maintenance guidelines and policies that cover the following:
    • Impact on the surrounding site
    • Energy consumption
    • Use of environmentally preferable materials
    • Indoor environmental quality
    • Water consumption

The total building space that falls under these categories is 537,882 sq. ft.

Building space on Gordon’s campus that is maintained in accordance with sustainable building operations and maintenance guidelines or policies but is not certified under LEED® for existing buildings includes 448,093 sq. ft. This gross floor area is consistent with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air- Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). These organizations define gross floor area as: “Sum of the floor areas of the spaces within the building, including basements, mezzanine and intermediate-floored tiers, and penthouses with headroom height of 7.5 ft (2.2 meters) or greater. It is measured from the exterior faces of exterior walls or from the centerline of walls separating buildings, or (for LEED CI certifying spaces) from the centerline of walls separating spaces. Excludes non-enclosed (or non-enclosable) roofed-over areas such as exterior covered walkways, porches, terraces or steps, roof overhangs, and similar features. This excludes air shafts, pipe trenches, and chimneys.

Gordon makes extensive efforts to comply with sustainable building operation and maintenance guidelines.

  • Runoff from most buildings is routed into underground recharge systems.
  • Buildings have energy management systems that reduce energy use and systems are monitored.
  • 1000+ lights have been retrofitted with energy efficient lights; T5, LED.
  • Buildings are built with energy efficient materials, low VOC materials and waste recycling.
  • Gordon has a work-order-driven filter-changing program.
  • Fresh air is provided per ASHRAE recommendations.
  • All showers and toilets on campus have been retrofitted to low flow.
  • Green certified cleaning is done in the majority of these buildings.

Buildings that practice sustainable operations and maintenance guidelines listed above include Barrington Center for the Arts, A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel, Bennett Athletic Center, Chase Hall, Fulton Hall, Ken Olsen Science Center, Jenks Learning Resource Center, Lane Student Center, Nyland Hall, Phillips Music Center, Tavilla Hall, and Wilson House.

Gordon’s Guidelines for Sustainable Building Operations and Maintenance

Gordon College will adhere to the following green construction and renovation guidelines:

  • Site will be selected to minimize impact on the surrounding area.
  • Runoff will be recharged into groundwater.
  • Building will be constructed with an energy efficient building envelope.
  • Building will use high efficiency heating and air conditioning systems.
  • An energy management system will be installed and monitored.
  • Building materials will be low- or no-VOC.
  • Construction waste will be recycled or reused on site.
  • Solar and geothermal energy will be investigated.
  • Interior and exterior lighting will be energy-efficient daylighting and occupancy sensors.
  • All energy use will be monitored, including natural gas, electricity, and water.

Gordon College Sustainable Building Operation Guidelines

  • All buildings have energy management systems to reduce energy use.
  • Buildings are being cleaned with "green" cleaning principles and supplies.
  • HVAC systems are operated at ASHRAE standards with programmed air filter changes.
  • New paint and floor coverings are low- or no-VOC compliant.
  • Furniture is purchased with low VOCs.
  • All trash is recycled and sorted.
  • All toilets and showers are low flow.
  • Energy Star electrical products are required.
  • Lighting is being retrofitted to LED systems.

Gordon College Indoor Air Guidelines

  • Fresh air is provided according to ASHRAE standards.
  • HVAC filters are being replaced according to recommendations.
  • Work order system is being used to register any complaints.
  • Custodial and mechanical staff responder is provided for remediation and adjustment.

Integrated Pest Management

Gordon’s grounds are developed and maintained in accordance with an integrated pest management (IPM) plan that adheres to the following four-tiered approach:

  • Set action thresholds
  • Monitor and identify pests
  • Prevention
  • Control

Gordon’s IPM plan includes weed control, grub control and fungicide applied every few years. Of Gordon’s 52 acres, 4.5 acres are maintained in accordance with the IPM plan.

Gordon is also committed to eliminating bed bugs when needed. Containment is key when bed bugs surface and Gordon’s Physical Plant Department has a plan in place if these critters surface:

  • Physical Plant will supply the student and roommate with several clear plastic bags and/or plastic containers.
  • Students must put all clothes in bags separate from bedding.
  • Bedding must be placed in separate bags from clothing.
  • All electronic equipment, including keyboard, laptop and mouse must be placed in plastic bins.
  • Student must shower and put on new clothes until all laundry is completed.
  • All clothing and bedding must be washed in hot water and put in the dryer on the highest possible setting.
  • Student and roommate will be placed in temporary dwelling by Resident Director.
  • An exterminator will clear all equipment before it is returned to the student and roommate.

For more information on handling bed bugs, visit:


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