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Computer Purchasing

Gordon’s Computer Purchasing Department is committed to sustainability around computer purchasing. In fact, Gordon prefers to purchase Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Silver (or higher) computers and monitors. The typical system often carries the EPEAT Gold rating and is Energy Star compliant.
Gordon consistently ensures that the purchasing policy, its directives and guidelines are adhered to by doing the following:

  • All computer and monitor models for the year are specified in the spring in anticipation of purchase and deployment over the summer.
  • The computer purchasing director uses the EPEAT rating as one of the criteria when purchasing new computer equipment. When a system meets the criteria, the director ensures that the system is generally the only system purchased in the new fiscal year.

Gordon’s preferred vendors list for computer purchasing includes:

Cleaning Products Purchasing

Institutionally, Gordon prefers to purchase Green Seal or EcoLodge certified cleaning products. In fact, Gordon has switched and continues to switch to the green alternatives for all cleaning chemicals. Chemical use has been reduced with the use of premixed packets and increased training in chemical-use reduction. The chemicals used in floor finishing have been replaced with the green equivalent.

Products are purchased at:

Expenditures on Green Seal and/or EcoLogo certified cleaning products:

  • $8,500–9,000

Office Paper Purchasing

Gordon College is committed to using paper that is sourced and manufactured sustainably. Paper with FSC certification, SFI certification, significant post-consumer recycled content, or is manufactured in a plant powered by renewable energy will be given priority when ordering.

The papers Gordon uses most are:

  • Papers used by outside vendors:

Finch Opaque - FSC®-certified, SFI® certified, contains up to 10% PCW
Lynx Opaque - FSC® Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, SFI® Certified

  • College stationery:

Mohawk Options - FSC® Certified, GreenSeal® Certified, Green-e® Certified, 100% PCW, manufactured with renewable energy
Strathmore Writing - FSC® Certified, Made Carbon Neutral, manufactured with renewable energy

  • In-house printing and copying:

Mohawk Bright Hue - manufactured with renewable energy, contains up to 30% PCW
Accent Opaque - FSC® Certified, contains up to 30% PCW
Hammermill - FSC® Certified
Navigator Premium - FSC® Certified, PEFC Certified

Food and Beverage Purchasing

Gordon’s Dining Services department purchases food and beverages that are both grown and processed within 250 miles of the institution and are third-party certified (USDA Certified Organic, Marine Stewardship Council Blue Ecolabel, Food Alliance, Fair Trade, Certified Humane Raised and Handled). The percentage of food expenditures that meet these criteria is 15%. The percentage of food expenditures that goes toward local, organic or other environmentally preferable food is 5%. This represents food that is procured from our broadline vendors that is either grown, canned or produced in New England.

Given Gordon’s short growing season and the fact that most of the school year occurs after growing season has ended, Dining Services still tries to buy locally whenever product is available. A lot of these products are supplied by a variety of vendors and many give Gordon the option of buying local products when they are available.

For example:

  • Gordon purchases its milk from Garelick Farms, a local producer of milk on the North Shore that procures raw milk from local farmers and produces it in Lynn, Ma.
  • The College uses about 110 pounds of Fair Traded Organic coffee a week that is purchased from a local family-owned coffee company.
  • Much of our butter, eggs and cheese are bought from vendors that distribute these products that are processed in Vermont.
  • Many of our frozen products, including french fries and frozen blueberries, are grown and processed in Maine, as well as ice cream from Shain’s of Maine, made from local fresh milk and cream used to produce the ice cream.
  • Locally grown produce is procured from Sid Wainer and Sons and Performance Food Group whenever possible. Sid Wainer even has an off-season growing process whereby they grow tomatoes, sprouts, herbs, potatoes, and micro greens in greenhouses well into November.

Gordon has included environmental performance requirements in procurement contracts for the following (with a requirement or preference for green supplies):

  • Paper through the Design Center
  • Cleaning supplies through Physical Plant
  • Office supplies through the Purchasing Department
  • Landscaping supplies through Physical Plant (for 4.5 acres)
  • Equipment—all energy-using equipment purchased is energy efficient and/or Energy Star compliant

Gordon College is a member of the following purchasing co-ops:

  • Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing (E & I), https://www.eandi.org/
  • Mass Higher Education Consortium (MHEC), http://www.mhec.net/
  • National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), http://www.njpacoop.org/
  • The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPM), http://www.tcpn.org/Pages/default.aspx
  • US Communities, http://www.uscommunities.org/

Gordon’s preferred vendors list includes:

  • Coffee: Crown
  • Flooring: Kingdom Contract Flooring
  • Industrial Supply: Fastenal, Graingers, and McMaster Carr
  • Leasing: First American Education Finance
  • Office Supplies: OfficeMax
  • Software: NERCOMP, SHI
  • Spring Water: Poland Springs
  • Technology: GovConnection, MicrosNE


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