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Dr. Dante Rutstrom

Appointed: 2020
Class: 2024

During his time at Gordon, Dante was a student athlete and devoted many hours to the men’s tennis and track and field teams. He went on to continue using his leadership skills as he worked his way up at Eastman Chemical Company. During his nearly 13 years there, Dante continued to demonstrate his incredible skillset in technology management, business management, and cross-functional team leadership domestically and abroad.

Mr. Rutstrom held various positions at Eastman, including assignments in Research and Development (R&D), Technical Service, Business Management, and Regional Management. In 2012, Dante and his wife Melanie were asked to represent Eastman abroad. They were given two international assignments in Singapore and China. While in Shanghai, Dante served as the Vice President and Managing Director of Asia. Dante finished his career with Eastman in 2018 as the Vice President of Advanced Materials Technology. As a Gordon alumni and Beverly native, Dante has continued to live out the heart and mission of Gordon around the world. He was awarded Alumni of the Year Award in 2014 for these efforts.