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New Testament Concentration

By concentrating your biblical studies major in the New Testament, you will have the opportunity to study in greater depth the life and teachings of Jesus, the letters of Paul, and the beginning and growth of the early church. This focus will prepare you for further study in the New Testament and other related disciplines. More broadly, it will equip you for lifelong engaged study of the Bible, and for service to the church in any vocation or ministry to which you are called. 

Why study New Testament at Gordon?

Gordon’s Biblical Studies Department has a tradition of interfacing the study of the Bible with theological discourse. Our faculty hold degrees in a variety of scholarly backgrounds, and draw from their experiences in pastoral ministry, research, scholarship and world travel in order to serve you—not only in the classroom, but also through life together at Gordon.  

What careers can I pursue?

Just about anything you want! You will be biblically and theologically grounded to pursue the vocation that God has given you. Our graduates engage the world through a variety of vocations, including:

  • Medical field worker
  • Professor or teacher
  • Missionary
  • Pastor or church ministry staff
  • Nonprofit employee or relief worker
  • Lawyer
  • Youth ministry worker

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Go the extra mile!

You can study the Bible on site by participating in one of our Jerusalem University College programs—including a three-week field study in Israel or a semester-long study abroad experience at the Jerusalem University College.

Through our partnership with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary down the street, you can take up to eight credits in upper-level language courses or in other relevant areas of study alongside your courses at Gordon.

Global Opportunities
Enrich your biblical education—and more broadly, your liberal arts education—by studying abroad:


For more information, contact:

Dr. Sharon Ketcham
Department Chair

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The New Testament concentration is part of the biblical studies major.