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Music Audition Application for Enrollment 2018 new

Before applying for your Music Audition, you must apply to Gordon College (see point 1 on our web page).
Please complete this form to begin the application process with the Department of Music and to ensure your spot for a live or recorded audition. All fields are required.

1. First Name:

2. Last Name:

3. Preferred Name (if any):

4. Street: (e.g. 123 Main Street, Apt. 3)

5. City:

6. State/Province:

7. Country (if outside of the USA):

8. Postal Code:

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11. Email:

12. Have you been accepted to Gordon College?


13. Intended degree program for which you are applying. If you wish to double major, also select the music degree programs for which you would like to apply:

Bachelor of Arts in Music, General Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Music, Worship in Music concentration
Bachelor of Arts in Music, Composition concentration
Bachelor of Music in Music Performance
Bachelor of Music in Music Education
Minor in Music

14. Please choose a preferred upcoming audition date (you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation of your audition date):

Monday, April 16, 2018, 6.30pm - 9.30pm (All-Access)
I will submit a recording using getacceptd.com (No CDs, DVDs, cassettes, and VHS tapes will be accepted)

15. Do you need a pianist for your audition? We will provide one for you.
(It is not required to use an accompanying pianist but an option)


16. Primary Instrument:

17. Number of years of study (primary instrument):

18. Instructor Name:

19. Solo repertoire studied (you may e-mail a resume to music-admissions@gordon.edu):

20. Additional instruments (list years studied, instructor and solo repertoire for each):

21. List all relevant solo experience (recitals, competitions, etc.) - you may e-mail a resume or outline of activities to music-admissions@gordon.edu:

22. List any relevant ensemble experience:

23. List any musical honors you may have received (All-State participation, awards, etc.):

24. What are your career goals? Describe your ideal job:

25. Describe your practice habits (how often, how long, technical exercises, etc.):

26. How did you hear about the Department of Music at Gordon College?

27. Which compositions do you plan to present at your audition? Please include composers' full name, complete title of each piece (including movement if applicable) and length of piece (minutes):

28. Comments (not required):